Testimonials – Secondary 1-4

Trin Chantong  3E1 Tanglin Sec Sch 

I have been here since I was in Sec 2. Back then in 2017, my English had improved from a C6 to an A1 in a year. I have been getting distinctions for English in term 3 and term 4 in Sec 3. Now at the end of 2018, I am ready to take on the next phase in my life. I highly recommend students who need improvement in their English Language to come to Joanne Choo Language Centre, as I feel that Mrs Choo is a benevolent person and her composition classes are very engaging.

Lim XingYi CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent

Mrs Joanne Choo has helped to pull up my English grade.

Mrs Joanne Choo shows me how to arrive at unique points after a brain storming session and how to enhance my orals. We land up having very good ideas for writing argumentative compositions. She teaches us a lot of good phrases which others may not frequently use. Hence I have an edge over others.

I would read the compositions that I have written regularly  and remember what stories I could write for the various of topics.

It is uncommon for the exact topic to appear in the exam, so it is wise to twist the story to suit the question, to achieve a higher score for their composition examination. However, the question that Mrs Joanne Choo had done on 20/10/13 on overprotective parents came out as the first question for O level on 21/10/13. The O level students from her class truly benefited when it is so coincidental.

Learning at Joanne Choo Learning Centre is value for money as the fees here are cheap and your grades will also improve if you pay attention in class and go through the essays for the sake of progress.

The classes here are fun and enjoyable and you would not find them a bore.

I recommend going to Joanne Choo Learning Centre as it would pull up your grades vastly.

Shirley Chee Jiaxuan, Raffles Girls School, 112

I have attended Joanne Choo Language Centre since Primary 5. I came here for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Mrs Joanne Choo has taught me the different skills needed to answer comprehension questions and many different phrases for the cloze passage. After attending the Paper 2 lessons, my comprehension and cloze passage marks improved vastly. Before enrolling in Paper 1 lessons, I used to be lacking in confidence when I wrote compositions and did not have enough good phrases to write my essay. After attending Mrs Choo’s lessons, I have learnt a wide array of expressions and plots that can be used in my compositions. My composition marks improved by 5 marks. Both my grades for comprehension and composition had improved and I was able to do my PSLE confidently and I got A star for PSLE last year. Despite not having O Level in RGS, I am still in Joanne Choo Language Centre because I believe that excelling in English is needed for me to excel in other subjects as well. Hence, I would recommend going to Joanne Choo Language Centre as it would pull up your grades a lot.

Poon Jun Jie, Poi Lam High School

I came all the way from Ipoh to enrol in Joanne Choo Language Centre.  I attended classes here for 2 months. I had never been taught argumentative essays in the school that I was attending in Malaysia. Luckily, I got to learn to write such essays with Mrs Joanne Choo. Just recently, I took the AEIS examination. Fortunately, the topic that came out during the exam was almost similar to one of the topics that I had done in Joanne Choo Language Centre. I had felt at ease and was able to write very freely. I passed the entrance exam and managed to get into Tanglin Secondary School. Even though I do not know my marks for the entrance exam, I am glad that I have passed it. From what I know, the exam is not easy and not many students are able to make it. Now I am back in Joanne Choo Language Centre again and I hope to do better in Tanglin Secondary School.

Jasper Lim Yong Kang Sec3E4 New Town Secondary School 

Before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I scored 51 marks for English. After joining this amazing, wonderful, joyful, interesting and fantastic language centre for just a couple of months, my result has improved drastically. It is a miracle. It is a dream that has come true. I did not expect my grade would improve by leaps and bounds. My latest score is 64. This is the best learning centre I have ever attended. Mrs Joanne Choo is the best.

Choo Hong Wei Commonwealth Secondary School sec 1, 1/4  

 I have only come to Joanne Choo Language Centre for the past 3 months, I witness my grade leaping from C6 to B4. People may say that you go to Joanne Choo Language Centre just to copy but I beg to differ on this view. There are so many blanks for you to fill in so it is not copying.  The lessons are interactive with the pupils giving their views. Apart from learning skills to answer questions in English, she also teaches us life, moral and good literacy skills. Ever since I have been here, I change my perspective towards English. If you miss sending your children to Joanne Choo Language Centre, you are robbing them of valuable lessons.

Ryan Wu Hsien Kuan Swiss Cottage Secondary School 2N1 

Appealing to the public! Everyone, if you have children who are in primary or secondary school and they are weak in English, wait no longer to enrol them for Joanne Choo Language Centre. As for me, my English has improved from a B4 to A2 ever since I came here in April 2013 for English lessons. You won’t regret it, trust me 100%. Mrs Joanne Choo has a heart for students. She is passionate about teaching and cares a lot for her students. If you listen to me regarding about Mrs Joanne Choo’s lessons, you would never go wrong. Mrs Choo teaches me in an excellent way. So come and enrol your children to find out the truth. I am too shy to show my front.

Julian Kang Bukit View Seconday 2E3 

I have been here since P 2 and I think that it has helped me maintain my English grade. I have gotten A2s throughout the year. I have also achieved the highest in my level for composition on more than 2 occasions and I have obtained 28/30 for my composition.

Alyssa Kok Huiyu   2E2   New Town Secondary School  

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in P2.  Many of us have been learning at this centre from young. Most of the others are from Primary one till  Secondary four. I think they are like me. I have benefited a lot and will not waste my time elsewhere. Please read my earlier testimonial in P6 in 2012. In my secondary school, my composition improved even more drastically. I have been attaining the highest for English in the whole level for my examinations. I also scored very high for my argumentative and formal letter writing. Some of Mrs Choo’s students in my class top the level for English in their schools too but are too shy to write. I would gladly recommend this tuition centre to all my friends.

Low Wan Wen, Ngee Ann Secondary School, Sec 4 NA

I have two elder siblings who were from Joanne Choo Language Centre too. Currently, one of them is working and the other is in university. They had also travelled all the way from Telok Kurau. I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was Primary 6 and left after my PSLE as my English had improved. Last year, when I was in Secondary 3, my grade dropped to C5, so I immediately enrolled in the tuition again. I joined at the end of last year and this year, in Secondary 4, my SA 1 grade has improved to A2. What a relief!

Julian Kang  Bukit View Secondary  2E3 

I have been here since P2. I think Joanne Choo Language Centre has helped me mantain my English  grade. I have got A2 for English throughout the year. I managed to obtain the highest for the whole level for composition on more than two occasions. This time it is 28/30 for my composition.

Wong Jun Wen Jurong Secondary School 3/1 

I hate limelight  so I prefer to go without  my photograph. I would like to recommend Joanne Choo Language Centre for my English has progressed from a just pass to a B3. It is a great accomplishment to me. I believe I have gained a lot from Mrs Joanne Choo even though I have been here barely a year. I was recommended by Julika Woo who strongly states that this centre is good.

Ong Teng Jun, Nan Hua Secondary School, S4/7 

Before I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my results for English were just borderline passes. Since I have joined the tuition, my results have improved and no longer do I obtain borderline passes. My latest grade is A2.

Aidan Tan  Nan Hua High School Sec 203     

After PSLE, my parents wanted to look for a tuition centre for me as my English was thought to be borderline by then. After browsing through the internet, my parents decided to send me to Joanne Choo Language Centre. Initially when I first came here, I was already in Secondary 1, but my English grade was just a borderline pass for the whole year. However, in Secondary 2, my results improved by leaps and bounds. I scored a B3 for the first half of the year for English. From a just pass for my composition, it is now a B. Though my composition does not show fantastic grade, but I know I can express much better than before. By just looking at any topic, ideas and words come freely. It was so unlike before. My paper 2 has also improved. I have gained more confidence in answering comprehension questions. My parents expressed that they should have found Joanne Choo earlier. They have even sent my younger brother, Axel Tan, and my previous Mathematics tutor’s daughter has also been recommended here. My brother likes the lessons here. Unlike before, he looks forward to coming for lessons here as he feels that it is fun learning here compared to other tuition centres.

Julian Kang  Bukit View Secondary  1E3 
To my mother’s surprise, I have scored 27/30 the highest in my level for English composition.

I have been travelling all the way from Yew Tee to Joanne choo learning centre since Primary Two when my mother stumbled onto a parent’s forum, she contributed her view on the centre in the year 2007 and supported it. It is worthwhile because the lessons here have benefitted me tremendously. I think that Joanne choo is a great place to learn great composition skills as it provides a conducive environment. I have learnt many moral stories from Mrs Choo.

Soh Jing Wen, Bishan Park Secondary School, Sec 1E1 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since P2. Before I entered this centre, I always feared writing compositions and because of this fear, I always got a C or B grade for my English and was at the bottom of the class.

Meanwhile, my mother’s friend’s son was having lessons at the centre and for PSLE, he scored A* for English. So my mother enrolled me here on their recommendation. After I entered the centre, my English improved by one or two grades to A or A*. When I was in P6, I got two awards for my English, “Best Improvement” and “Best Writer”. All thanks to Mrs Choo’s interesting teaching methods that make me enjoy her lessons very much. I enjoy them so much that I even travel all the way from Bishan just to come here.

I am also here for comprehension lessons. When I first did comprehension, I would fail. I would just pass summary but fail vocabulary. After lessons here, I have passed my comprehension and my summary with flying colours and I got top for vocabulary in class! These were the results for my SA1 English and it turned out that I was also one of the top few in my class for English!

Sushmit Sharma, Raffles Institution, Sec 1B 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since P2. My English score at that time was not very impressive. Then, one of my family friends recommended me to come to Joanne Choo Language Centre to learn English Composition writing. Within 3 months, my marks started to rise and I used to get 85%+ marks. One of the key reasons to get a high T-Score was my English for which I got a high A-Grade in my PSLE. From being my most hated subject in early primary years, now I am looking forward to learning English literature. I hope that my marks keep on improving and I will do well for my O-Level.

Zhou Yu, Hwa Chong Institution class 1A3 
I have been here since P4 in 2008. I joined as my composition was not up to par. My vocabulary was limited and I was so confused with my tenses. There was a drastic improvement in Primary 6. I gradually got about 30/40 and above for my compositions. I got a high A grade for my English in my PSLE. Before that, I got as low as 20/40. Mrs. Choo has taught us many important vocabulary and phrases that help to enhance my composition. Mrs. Choo’s hilarious explanation of the usage of verbs in each sentence enlightens me greatly. I used to hate English as it was a boring subject before and the teacher disliked me because of my poor English performance. But now, I feel better as I always compete with the top student for my composition score in the class.

Julika Woo Kar Men Clementi Town Sec S1A2 
My dad’s ex-colleague recommended me here at the beginning of this year. His two daughters, Ashley and Alyssa Kok , also came to this centre for years. Before coming, I used to almost fail all my English exams. After a good coaching by Mrs Choo, in Semester one, I emerged third in position for English. For Term 4, I think my composition has scored the highest in class when I went around checking the marks of the other pupils. I used to get only borderline scores for compositions in primary school but now the best.

Steven Liu Yu, 15, Victoria School, 3F  
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre back in 2007 when I was P5. My friends recommended me this language centre as my English composition was below par and I had always been craving for help.Initially,the lessons did not interest me and the class was pretty quiet. I prefer her big class with more students. The response of the students is better and more interesting. But over the course of 2 to 3 months after I had enrolled in the class, I noticed great improvements both in my writing skills and understanding of comprehension paragraphs. I became more confident in expository writing due to the build up of many vocabulary that I have learnt during the lessons.The catchy phrases have aided me well in my PSLE and I got an A* for it. Having been learning from Mrs Joanne Choo for 5 years and for the help that she has given me, I hereby express my grateful thanks to Mrs Choo.

Ryan Wong  Jia How Bukit Panjang High School  Sec 205   
I joined the centre this year on recommendation by Benjamin Lee, a classmate of my eldest brother,Randy Wong Jia Cheng. I have seen impressive improvements in my results. It is from B3 to A1. My younger brother, Rainey Wong Jiaxiang  is also here. Mrs Choo’s method of teaching is very entertaining. Thus I look forward to her lessons every week. I am in both Paper 1 and 2. I recommend anyone who needs help in English to this centre.

Shalini Revindran, Queensway Secondary School, Sec 3 Class 304 
This is my first time enrolling in Joanne Choo Language centre. Ever since I started joining the classes, my English has improved by two grades. I am proud to say that I have made the right choice by choosing Joanne Choo Language Centre. Honestly, I used to hate writing compositions. However, my passion in writing essays has increased after joining Mrs Choo’s composition classes. Mrs Choo has a great proficiency in English language. Moreover, her teaching skills are interesting and I never feel bored during her classes. When I was in secondary two, I used to fail every comprehension and summary that I did. I started hating English. This year I passed my mid-year English comprehension and summary with flying colours. I rejoice. Once again, I am happy that I have enrolled in Joanne Choo Language Centre.

Jolene Chan Yi Hui, St. Margaret’s Secondary School, 4E5 
I have been here since Primary 4 because my elder brother felt that my English would improve further if I were to come for lessons. When I was in P4, my English results dropped from Band 1 to Band 2 but after I started attending lessons here, my grades got a lot better for paper 1. A few months after joining lessons for paper 1, I started joining lessons for paper 2 and found out that it helped me improve my close passage skills a lot and also helped to strengthen my other sections in paper 2. I managed to get an A for English for PSLE. This year, I managed to get the highest in my level for English in Term 1 and I was elated. My older brother, Dylan Chan, also benefited from attending lessons here. He used to get around a C grade but he managed to get a B for his O levels. My younger brother, Darren Chan, joined last year and he is in P4 now. His vocabulary skills have improved greatly and I often hear him use good words and phrases in his speech and he always copies out every composition that was taught to him.

Tan Hua Jiang, Tanglin Secondary School, 1N1 
My mother sent me here since P5 as my English composition was not really that good. After a few months, my composition shot up to 65 marks and above. My parents were overjoyed and so they decided to let me stay. Now I find that my English composition is even better. I can even form better sentences and use better phrases. My secondary English has improved from grade 3 to 2. I now have the passion to write compositions.

Low Li Ying, Unity Secondary School, 1e5 
My cousin, Beverly, was here since she was in P4. She was in Rosyth Primary School and is currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She was the one who recommended me here. I used to hate composition a lot but now I have a passion for writing. I was here since P6 and learnt quite a number of phrases despite joining this tuition centre for a short period of time. I travel from Yew Tee to Clementi every week but I do not mind as I enjoy the lessons here.

Cresencio Par, Kent Ridge Secondary School 
I have been here since secondary 2, attending the comprehension class initially as I was weak in my comprehension. I changed to the composition class as my composition was weak as well and after joining, I have learnt new and interesting phrases and ideas to help me write my compositions. I look forward to Mrs. Choo’s class every week because of her humorous teaching style. She shares interesting facts too. For midyear, I managed to pass my overall after failing in sec 2. Writing is now less daunting for me. I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in P5 and stopped after PSLE. But I came back after noticing how close this centre is to my house.

Chua Yong Ren, Hong Kah Secondary School, 4C 
My sister, Yvonne Chua, had been with Mrs Choo when classes were held at her apartment, years ago. My sister had not stopped attending the centre from primary to secondary, except in Secondary 3, she stopped but returned when her marks dropped. Similarly, I came in at primary 6 in 2006. In 2010, I too stopped in Secondary 3. However, I was retained. That was the juncture in which I realised that I had to keep attending Mrs Choo’s lessons in order to improve and keep up my marks. Therefore, I am here today. Though my marks are gradually improving, this centre has boosted my inspiration in writing. Mrs Choo’s lessons are so entertaining as she is steeped in knowledge. Her ideas have no boundaries!

Chang Zhi Gan, Clementi Town Secondary School, 2B2 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre due to a recommendation by my friend, Josh. After studying there for 8-9 months, my composition marks shot up. After that, I quit tuition as I thought that I was good enough to continue independently. But soon my composition marks went back down. At secondary 1, I was scoring below average. Now, my marks have improved once again after returning to the centre.

Emmaline Woo Suci, Yuan Ching Secondary School, Sec 4 
I was here from Primary 3 to Primary 6, where I scored well for my PSLE. I was recommended by my cousins, Rachelle Lee and her brother Sherman Lee. They are now in the States studying. However, I stopped lessons after my PSLE and joined back during Secondary 3. After coming back, my English composition has been improving. The lessons have never been boring as Mrs Choo’s and the students’ ideas of the compositions are very interesting and unique. With the ideas given, I am motivated to write a beautiful essay. I am glad to have this learning centre to help me improve my English.

Ng Shi Hui, Hua Yi Secondary School 1e3 
I have been here for only four lessons. My aunt recommended me here, as her sons, Jan and Joe, are also attending Joanne Choo Language Centre. They are now in primary 6 and 5, respectively. My friend, Cheryl, has been here before too when she was in primary school. Mrs Choo is very creative and her lessons are not never boring. Her compositions are exciting.

Keith Looi, St Joseph’s Institution 
I was recommended by one of my relatives, Julene, whose sister had got a distinction for English for GCE ‘O’ level was also attending Joanne Choo Language Centre. When I just joined this tuition centre, my composition marks were below B3, which was below 65 marks out of 100. However, ever since I have begun attending this centre, I feel that I have a better grasp of how a good composition should be written and how to develop a good story from a difficult one-word question such as “technology”. Moreover, Mrs Choo uses a lot of thematic vocabulary which can be used for most essays and I certainly believe that using these strong words will help to improve my composition grades. Overall, I believe that joining Joanne Choo Language Centre is definitely a good decision made and I hope to be able to do well for my upcoming ‘O’ level English exam under her guidance like Julene’s sister.

Chee Jek Yi, Clementi Town Secondary School, 2C1 
I was here at the end of Sec 1 when Mrs Choo moved the tuition centre to block 345 and my parents decided to enroll me here. I used to be worried about my compositions, especially essays with one-word title. After learning from Mrs Choo, I am now confident in my writing and have learnt many new words here that are now at my disposal. My brother, Chee Jae Kerr, from Henry Park Primary School, Primary 6(I), is also attending lessons here.

Eu Tung Kwai, Boon Lay Secondary School, 1E6 
I was recommended by my cousin, Grace Law Si En. She is now in secondary 4 at Fairfield Methodist Secondary School but has already left the centre. I have another cousin called, Dawn Liu Gui Bao, who also attends lessons here. Mrs Choo is a good and energetic teacher. Under her guidance, my composition writing has improved from 10 marks to 25 and above. I am very happy with Mrs Choo’s method of teaching. She teaches very well. I was from Qifa Primary School and I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since Primary 2! I encourage everyone to join Joanne Choo Language Centre!

Kwa Fang Yin, Jurong Secondary School, Sec 2/3 
I was here since Primary 3 on recommendation by my Aunt. My Aunt said that her daughter was doing well as the tuition teacher is good at what she does. I joined with my older sister, Kwa Zhi Yin, who is the same age as me. I dreaded English a lot, especially the composition component. I am always totally out of ideas for any interesting stories to interest and captivate the teacher. However, after I joined this centre, I learned many new phrases that I only got to learn in Primary 6. I managed to use the new phrases and some of Mrs Choo’s ideas for my compositions and with that I improved. I always bring my tuition exercise books home before any composition test or examination to revise. Sometimes, I try to memorise all the phrases and some story plots in the hope that I will be able to use them in my composition. Seeing my improvement, I recommended this tuition centre to my friend, Nowel Tan, who had quit tuition in Primary 5 after she moved house. She did improve on her English too. I got an A for my PSLE for English, something that was totally unexpected. I was happy but I quit tuition after PSLE. I wanted to take a break. Then, in Sec 2 (this year), a few weeks before mid-year, I joined back as my English was not doing too well. I managed to get a B3. Right now, it is still a B3, but as far as I am concerned, I did learn a lot of new phrases and I did use them for some of the compositions I do in school. I do not expect improvements to be immediate, but a slow learning process. The story plots that Mrs Choo think of are very creative and innovative. Mrs Choo’s classes are engaging and her compositions are always something that Mrs Choo and her students do together. Both teacher and student are needed to make a story more interesting. I think that returning to this tuition centre was a right decision of mine because I have learned many new phrases to use and I believe that I will improve in my English. Mrs Choo’s lessons are also incredibly funny and interesting because of the students’ jokes and her personal life stories. Her lessons are both educational and enjoyable at the same time. It is not stressful which is good because my lessons in school are already stressful enough for me. The weekly tuition lessons I have here are like a break for me instead. Now, my brother, Kwa Ja Xuan, a primary 5 student, is also in this tuition centre.

Kwa Zhi Yin, Jurong Secondary School, Class 2/1 
I have been attending Mrs Choo’s class since I was in P3 as my aunt recommended my sister, Fang Yin, and I to attend as she said that it was a good tuition centre. Through Mrs Choo’s class, I have learnt many new phrases and have tried my best to use them in my compositions ever since. English was one of my weakest subjects in primary school and I had trouble coping. However, after attending Mrs Choo’s class, my composition improved gradually. In addition, I have developed an interest in writing compositions. Whenever my teacher in school gives me a composition assignment, I usually get really excited. I never really felt that way before as I had absolutely no interest in compositions in the beginning. I left Mrs Choo’s class after I took my PSLE when I was in P6. However, my English during Secondary One was on the verge of failing. I always got a C6, C5 or, when I was lucky, a B4. My parents were worried about my English and got me to attend Mrs Choo’s class again when I was in Secondary Two. When I attended Mrs Choo’s class again, my mid-year examinations were just two weeks away. I could not really use any of Mrs Choo’s compositions as a base for ideas during my examination as I had only the chance to attend two lessons before my examination. My grade for English at that time was only C5. However, I believe that after attending the weekly lessons, I am now able to grasp the technique for writing good compositions and improve. Moreover, I will be able to learn how to fully utilize the phrases that Mrs Choo has taught the class. Currently, my younger brother, Kwa Jia Xuan, also attends Mrs Choo’s class.

Wang Yilin, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, 1H 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre since P5. At that time, my English score was very poor. My father enrolled me in this tuition centre. After one year here, my English marks began to increase. My English score has been top 2 in my class since P6. Although I do not get first in my class, I am still in the top 5. Now, I feel that English is an interesting subject. I hope that in the future my English will improve further and score better marks. Some of Mrs Choo’s students are from very good schools like Hwa Chong, River Valley, Nanyang but we respond well to contribute to a good essay with a twist at the end or even moral behind.

Liew Yuqiang, Angle-Chinese School (Independent), Secondary 
I have been in this splendid tuition centre since I was in Secondary 1. The classrooms here are conducive for learning. Mrs Choo is a high spirited, nurturing and caring teacher! Her lessons are good and effective. Everyone should join!

Clavin Soh HaoJun, Clementi Town Secondary, 1C1 
I just joined Joanne Choo this year and before joining my results for my compositions were borderline. After attending, my marks improved. My sister, Celine Soh, was here, attending the class from primary to secondary school. She was from Kent Ridge Secondary and is now in Poly.

Benjamin Ong Wei Hao, West Spring Secondary School, 1C 
My English grades have not been very good, but since I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in primary 4, my grades have improved. I was introduced here by my cousins and their marks have also improved after joining Mrs Choo’s classes. My cousins, Wee Chieh went to Fuhua Sec and Jia Hui and Tse Yin went to River Valley Secondary School. They all attended Joanne Choo Language Centre before but they do not attend it anymore. Edward Lim Jun Heng and Ong Hui Lin still attend Joanne Choo Language Centre. They are both in primary 6. I also have other cousins, Ryan Tan and Rachel Tan, who still attend Joanne Choo Language Centre. Ryan is in primary 5 and Rachel is in primary 6. Mrs Choo uses a wide array of vocabulary words and phrases when she teaches us. Thanks to Mrs Choo, I have scored an A for my PSLE and still continue to score A in secondary school.

Julene Gatot, St Theresa’s Convent, 2C 
My mother encouraged me to join Joanne Choo Language Centre as my elder sister had improved a lot after attending. She had already graduated and managed to achieve a distinction for English for her O levels. I joined at the end of my P6 year to prepare for secondary school and my writing skills have improved. Ever since I have attended this tuition, my grammar has improved and my vocabulary has widened.

Justin Tan Jin Yuan, JWSS, 3E3 
I was here since Primary 5, when I did not do well for English. During my PSLE, I got a B for English and when I continued in Secondary, I got an A2 for my Secondary 3 mid-year. My teachers were especially proud of my compositions. They liked them very much.

Chan Fanshun, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), Sec 2 Gideon 
I have been recommended to come here by my cousin, Jonathan Chan, who left this tuition centre in secondary 1, around December 2010/January 2011, He got 251 for PSLE and he is now in Angle-Chinese School (Independent). I enjoy being here, doing my compositions. I used to always get low marks of around 15 to 17 out of 30, but now I get 19 to 20 out of 30. One time, I received 24 out of 30 marks for writing a composition about my hero.

Krystelle Teo Hui Min, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), 2C
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since last year. When I first entered, my English marks were a C5, now my English has improved to B3. My brother and sister, Jonathan Teo Zhi Wei and Jacqueline Teo Hui Yun were here since primary school, as young as P1. My brother is now in ACJC and my sister has just graduated from CJC. Their English has improved. My brother got an A for English and my sister got a B. Joanne Choo uses a wide range of vocabulary in her composition. Her compositions are very creative and some end with unexpected twist! I cannot find such essays anywhere. It is worth coming.

Wong Hui Yin, Clementi Town Secondary School, 4C1 
Before I entered Joanne Choo Language Centre, I used to be very poor in writing English essays. Whenever my school teachers assigned me composition homework, I would have a phobia and a headache as I could not think of what to write as my bank of vocabulary was very poor. When I started attending Mrs Choo’s class, she taught us a wide variety of vocabulary, how to link our essays to different titles and she inspired us to write better. Now, I find the joy in attending her lessons and am also bursting with interest in writing essays.

Lim Yu Hui, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), 1C 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since I was in Primary 5G. I was recommended here by my friend, Sheryl Ng. She was in this tuition centre for quite a long time. Ever since I was here, my English has improved. I am now able to express myself much better!

Ang Li Ying, Fuhua Secondary School, 3S4 
I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in Primary 6, after which I stopped for a while. When my results started to drop, I decided to return so as to improve my results. I like Mrs Choo’s compositions a lot as they are very fascinating. My brother is also in the same centre as me as my parents feel that the composition writing here is very useful for us.

Belinda Seah Puay Shan, Dunearn Secondary, 4E1 
I have been here since P1. My elder sister used to attend composition lessons here until Sec 4. My younger sister is still attending classes. I have improved after learning difficult words and phrases here. I enjoy Mrs Choo’s lessons because she has a balance between study time and joke time.

Loo Wan Ching, Gan Eng Seng, 2D 
I have been here since I was in primary 5. My brother, Wan Hong, is also attending classes here. Ever since attending lessons here, my English has improved a lot. The lessons here are very interesting and have helped me along by giving me more creative ideas when it comes to writing better compositions. I was in the same class as my two assistant head prefects, Tan Guan Yuan and Alvin Tan. Guan Yuan scored A* for English and the highest in Henry Park. Alvin and three more in the same class on fri here were the top 15 students of Henry Park and yet there were two  girls, twins, who had failed all subjects with the range of 20 marks before coming to the centre, managed to pass English at B for PSLE. It’s amazing that the worst and the best were in the same class and yet all improved. That is why I do not mind attending the big class at Joanne Choo Language Centre as the results are more important.

Mohammad Anas, Boon Lay Secondary School, 1E4 
I have been here since P5. I was recommended by my mathematics teacher, whose daughter, Tabussum, was also here. Mrs Choo has helped me to improve my English composition and comprehension as I join both papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2 classes. I have started getting As for English since coming here. Her lessons really help me to improve my English.

Esther Lee Xin Yee, Clementi Secondary School, 4 
I was recommended to this English language centre. Before coming to the centre, I used to hate writing compositions. After attending, my English results have improved. Joanne Choo Language Centre is definitely the right tuition centre for me. I have learnt many new phrases and vocabulary words that I can put to use. I also enjoy the lessons very much.

Wan Min Xiong, New Town Secondary, 1/3 
I was here in primary 2. My results were always poor but ever since I came here my compositions have continued to improve each and every day. I rejoiced when Mrs Choo accepted my idea in the essay and enhance it with humour.

Chng Zhi Han, Clementi Town Secondary School, 2B2 
When I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my marks went up. When I am not in her centre, my marks fall.

Han Xuan Yan, FMSS 
I have been here since secondary 1. My brother recommended me here. My grammar has improved.

Terence, Hillgrove Secondary School, 4E3 
I came here during primary 3. Mrs Choo’s English is bombastic. I have been getting good grades ever since. I would recommend everyone to join.

BoYan, CWSS 
I was here since P3 as my English was not good. When I was in P5, I stopped attending lessons as I did not have time for them. Now I am in Sec 2 and I return to continue my tuition classes as my English compositions only got Bs. Nevertheless, my English compositions have improved now.

Chan Jia Hui, Queensway Secondary School, 3O2
I have been here since primary four. I used to dislike writing compositions until I started attending Joanne Choo Language Centre. I learnt how to express myself more freely in my compositions and began to score better for it. Now, I can apply phrases that I learn from Mrs Choo’s lessons into my compositions.

Chan Kai Wen, Maris Stella High School, 2A 
I was here in Primary 6 upon recommendation by a friend. My friend was doing rather well in his English. I, on the other hand, disliked English and after a while, I quit. Because of Joanne Choo Language Centre, my PSLE results got better. This year, I returned in the hopes to improve my results further.

Regina Pang, Bukit Batok Secondary School, Sec 1E1 
I came here when I was in primary 4. I was reluctant at first but now I look forward to Mrs Choo’s lessons, as they are fun and help me to improve. Ever since I came here, my composition marks are not only higher, but I have also become more creative in writing stories for composition. Mrs Choo does all sorts of topics so that we will never get stuck halfway. I plan to stay all the way till secondary 4. I also recommended my sister to come as well.

Javier Tan, NYPS, 6U GEP 
Today, I am sharing my experiences of Joanne Choo Language Centre with you. Writing composition was never my forte. I used to only barely scrape through with 22 or 23 marks and it used to pull my English marks down. Instead of scoring 90, I scored 80 due to my bad results for composition. I needed to score higher for my compositions!

Ever since I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my marks kept on improving. At first, it was just from 23 to 24, but now I am scoring 29 marks. I find the lessons very helpful as they have helped me improve my composition marks by leaps and bounds. Although I have only joined for half a year, I can already see the results.

My brother, Alvin Tan, who is now secondary 3, also joined this tuition centre in P6. He was also in GEP but he was from Henry Park Primary School. He is now doing well in Hwa Chong Institution. In 2009, he scored A* for English and was an assistant head prefect. His classmates, Tan Guan Yuan and others, also attended Joanne Choo Language Centre. Guan Yuan was the other assistant head prefect from Henry Park. He was the top student for that year. There were about 5 top students from Henry Park in the same class on fri at 4pm.

I recommend Joanne Choo’s English tuition for composition with my highest regard. It will help you/your child to improve composition marks greatly.

Alamelu Subrahmanian, Bukit View Secondary, 2E3 
I have been in this splendid centre since Primary 6, March 2009. I was that kind who used to hate English Compositions. I used to score only 19 to 29 marks out of 50 for my compositions. But after joining Joanne Choo Language Centre, my marks improved by leaps and bounds. I have started getting more than 35 to 40 out of 50 marks.

The lessons by Mrs Joanne Choo are very helpful to me. The words  are so beautifully coined. Her lessons have never been boring because of her students’ and her great ideas for the compositions. I simply love to read her essays. My mother and I just can’t find such essays in the Big Book Shop or Popular. She is naturally good. We can give her any challenging topic on the spot. She is capable of doing the impossible. Her wisdom is beyond description. Mrs Choo is a passionate and caring English teacher. My passion towards English is also abounding.

I am really elated by this right choice of joining the centre to enhance my language. I will recommend Joanne Choo Language Centre to everyone and it is a 100% sure that your child’s English composition marks will improve greatly. Trust me!