Testimonials – Primary 5

Cristal Kang, Bukit Panjang Pri, P5D

My composition used to be very bad. It was then my father’s sister recommended us to Joanne Choo Language Centre. Her children were with Mrs Joanne Choo from Primary to Secondary. One of the cousins had just finished ‘O’ Level. My marks have improved tremendously.


Han Huai Xuan, Teck Whye Primary School, P5/5

I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre at the start of the year in 2018. My piano teacher, Mrs Chou, recommended me to Mrs Joanne Choo. My marks have increased tremendously after coming here for a few months. They have increased by 21 marks. I am here for Paper 1 and 2. I am bursting with joy over my results. My parents are grinning from ear to ear. My mother rewards me $100 for doing well.

Nicholas, West Grove Primary School, 5C

Before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, my English marks dropped so badly that my mother recalled that my brother, Jonathan, had improved greatly when he was in Joanne Choo Language Centre. My brother left the centre when he had improved. My mother sent Jonathan and me here for Paper 1 and 2.

Charlene Ng, Hong Wen School, Pr 5

My mother googled and saw this language centre and enrolled me here, hoping that I will improve in my English composition and paper 2. My results used to be very bad. After joining the Joanne Choo Language Centre, I see progress in my situational writing and my continuous writing. As for my Paper 2, my marks have increased a lot too.

Alyssa Tan Huey Yi, Nan Hua Primary School, 5E

As Joanne Choo Language Centre was in the neighbourhood, just down the road, my mother wanted my sister’s composition writing to improve. So she sent my sister here and her composition improved a lot. My mother immediately sent me here when I got into Primary 1. I have been here since I was 7. Now, my composition keeps improving. My teacher even read my composition to my class. My language has improved a lot too! The style of my writing has improved tremendously. I have my own style of writing though I emulate Mrs Joanne Choo’s style of writing initially.

Kailaashnaaath Vanniyarajan,  Henry Park Primary School, Pri5I4
Longing for me to excel in the writing of compositions, my mother heeded the advice of her friend’s child and enrolled me in Joanne Choo Language Centre. I truly appreciate their recommendation. I have gained better vocabulary and phrases. My English Teacher, Mrs Lau, has also sung praises on my style of writing and interesting stories. No teacher has ever praised me for my compositions. I have no regrets joining the classes.

Joshua Wu En Ze, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, P5 Loyalty  

I have been here since Primary 1. I am highly motivated to write essays and journals. Though I am hyperactive, Mrs Choo acknowledges and praises me for being a multitasker. She engages me fully so that I can excel. I manage to emerge as top in class. My sister, Angie has been here since primary 1 too. She is going to be in primary 3 next year. Both my sister and I have benefited tremendously from Joanne Choo Language Centre.

Chow Yuan Feng, Beacon Pri Sch, P5/4      

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in June 2015 when I failed my English composition. There is a great jump of marks to 89 1/2. My marks sway like a pendulum but I hope I will be able to maintain the good score. My sister, Chow Yina, had also been here when she was in secondary school. But she was really good and she managed to receive a monetary reward for her writing. She has graduated from the university and is now working.

Jevashini, Clementi Primary School, P56

I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre last year. Overall, I saw a great jump of 12 marks in just after 3 months for CA1. My score for composition was 7/20 before I came here. My marks shot up to 15/20 for SA1. It was a failure to a good pass. For SA2, I emerged as a top student for overall in class.

Paing Thant Kyaw, Clementi Primary School, P5/7

Here I am at Joanne Choo Language Centre! I savour Mrs Choo’s style of writing and her captivating stories, loaded with idioms and phrases. For SA2, I have gotten 50/55 for my composition and my essay is selected to be published in a book. My rank was raised to second in class! I am elated. If you read my previous testimonial, you would know that I am from Myanmar. So what I am today I truly thank Mrs Joanne Choo. Hence, I would like to introduce Joanne Choo Language Centre to all my friends. Mrs Joanne Choo deserves the fame.

Chan Xun Ying, Pei Tong Primary School, Resilience 4

I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was Primary 3. Before coming, my composition barely passed. After a few months, I have improved by 5 marks. Now, my composition is one of the highest in class. I really want to thank Mrs Choo.

Wiley Soh Chong, Hong Henry Park Primary School, Pri 5C1 

Much to my surprise, my oral has improved to full marks! Ever since I joined Mrs Choo’s class, my mother had stressed on me to pay attention in class as I had a major drop from SA1. Before my SA1, I had always thought that English was a subject that I could handle well although my oral was a little off my standard. I am determined to improve. With a little determination and confidence, I am glad I did it. I thank my mother for helping me to memorise the oral models from Mrs Joanne Choo’s class. They are very impressive and unobtainable from the shops. I have even made a request to Mrs Choo to upload my testimonial to cheer up my mother who is sick today and for her hard work. It is for educating me well and helping me in my work consistently.

Braxton Gan Jia Ming, Henry Park Primary School, P5

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in February. Mrs Choo’s compositions are very interesting and fun. They are helpful and benefit me a lot. The story lines are very funny, unique and easy to remember. I can never find such fun stories anywhere else. I am now confident to write myself and can express myself better. I would introduce the tuition centre to my friends. My teacher praises my language in my compositions. I have never been praised before before coming here. There is a jump of 10 to 15 marks for my comprehension. I would like to thank Mrs Choo for her efforts in helping me improve my compositions.

Tan Tze Yi Jeremiah, Anglo-Chinese School (junior), P5.8 

During primary one and two, my English composition was very bad. My parents were devastated. My mom was searching the net when she came across this website bearing the words, “Joanne Choo Language Centre”. She wanted to give it a try so she sent me here at the end of primary three for Paper One. My marks improved drastically, thanks to Mrs Choo. My parents gasped in surprise. My marks nowadays, are in the range of 30 plus. My compositions are always peppered with idioms and phrases now. My sister, Micaela, is also in this centre too. She received an Iphone for doing well in her composition. She was elated. My Paper Two also improved from almost a failure to a seventy plus after joining Paper Two this year.

Paing Thant Kyaw, Clementi Primary School, P5/7 

I am from Myanmar. I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since Primary 3. Initially, I joined the Paper 1 classes but not Paper 2. When I obtained 60/90 for my Paper 2 marks, my mother enrolled me in the Paper 2 classes. Now, my SA1 marks shot up to 75/90! That is a great jump!

Shi Xinyu, Rulang Primary School, 5R

My English was very poor before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre. My paper 1 was 20/40. After some months, my composition score moves up above 30. I am very thankful that my friend has brought me here but she does not want her name up here. She is sitting next to me in this class right now. My paper 2 also improved from 58.5/95 to 68/95 after joining Paper 2 here for months. It is very useful to me as my comprehension improved greatly. Many of my friends joined from primary one. They are Rouvin Erh, Khor Xin Yi, and Lim En Cheng.

Timothy Lim, Anglo-Chinese Primary School, 5F 

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre at the beginning of this year.  My Comprehension marks have improved by 10 marks.

Tan Teck Jin, Bukit Timah Primary School, P5A 

The mother of my cousins, Macus Seet and Jasper Seet recommended my brother, Tan Teck Yen, sister,Tan Yu Jie and me here. Macus was here from P 1 until Secondary 4. My  brother failed before joining the class but got a B3 at O level. He joined in Sec 4. My mother expressed that he could have been even better if he would have joined in earlier. I have been here since P1. I got the highest for composition in my class.

Shi Xinyu, Rulang Primary School, P5R 

Wang Chen introduced me to Joanne Choo Language Centre for Paper 1 and Paper 2 and my marks improved from the range of 20s to 30s.

Aaron Gan Zhuomin, Qifa Primary School, 5A 

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre last year for paper one. My marks were 26 out of 40 and now they are 35 out of 40.

Sally Yang, Pei Tong Primary School, P5
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in Primary 2. The way I discovered this wonderful Language Centre was by accident. At first, my father signed me up without my approval and I dreaded to go. Now, I could not wait to go to the tuition centre and attend my lessons! Thanks to Mrs Choo, my English overall marks increased by 35, and I don’t need to worry about writing a fantastic composition anymore! Last year, I scored Number 1 in my overall marks. I would definitely recommend the tuition centre to my friends!

Lee Min Ze, Pei Tong Primary School, P5F
I came here in P4 when my mother happened to see this building .When I arrived
at the bright yellow language centre ,Mr Choo told me that my classmate ,Sally (who had
received the highest marks for the whole level this year), had been at this centre since Primary one. Her sister had also completed her ‘O’ level here.
After coming to the centre for just three months, my marks in synthesis shot up
from 4-6 marks to 8-10 marks .Within half a year, my mother had registered me, not just for English Paper 1 and 2, but also Chinese lessons. The experienced Chinese teacher, Mr Pan has improved my compositions greatly too.

Teo Xin Yan Gan Eng Seng Primary P5 
My cousin, Tan Guan Yuan, recommended me to Joanne Choo Language Centre. He was the top student for PSLE for Henry Park. I came in April 2011; I got a B for my English in SA1. However, I have shown improvement by getting an A in English for my SA2. I hope I can do well just like my sister, Teo Xin Yi, who was here too for PSLE. She had obtained a high A. Tan Guan Yuan’s brother, Tan Jun Ang, had also been here from lower primary to secondary.

Crystal Tan Jin Hui, Pei Tong Primary School, class 5E 
My friend recommended me to Joanne Choo Language Centre in June. I used to score a  ‘just pass’ in all my compositions before coming here. For SA 2, my overall English marks leap by 14 which is satisfactory to me.

Zoey Neo, Casuarina Primary School, P5/7
I have joined Joanne Choo Language Centre since term 3 in 2011. Amazingly, in just about 3 months, my composition results improved from 29 to 35. I come all the way from Pasir Ris to Clementi , but it is worth it. I have learnt to use phrases that I have never read before coming to Mrs Joanne Choo for lessons. My brother , Benjamin Neo in P4/6, is also here with me.

Dylan Sim, Pei Tong Primary School, 5/3
I failed my CA1 , CA2 and SA1 this year. My grandmother enrolled me in Joanne Choo Language Centre in July 2011 for Paper 1. My paper 1, composition, listening comprehension and oral, has pulled my marks up and passed my English after all the failing. I join Paper 2 now. I hope I will do even better.

Ewee Yeo, CHIJ Kellock Convent, P5 Mercury 
I failed my CA2 and SA1 this year. My mother’s friend recommended me to Joanne Choo Language Centre in September 2011 for Paper 1 Composition and Paper 2. Though the exam paper was hard, I had managed to pass it this time.

Roshan .Z, Henry Park Primary School, P5C2 
I used to score average marks. My friend,Dhatichi, introduced me to Joanne Choo language centre in July 2011 for paper 2 . My score leapt from 66 marks to 86 marks. There is a remarkable improvement in my comprehension cloze, synthesis and comprehension open-ended. I use her techniques to answer the questions and wonderfully I improve by leaps and bound.

Chai Junrui, Pei Tong Primary school, P 5F 
I joined Paper 2 in September 2011. My marks for English Paper 2 jump from 60 to 75. I got A for my Paper 2. My classmate recommended me here. Some of my friends at Joanne Choo Language Centre come from very far. I am so fortunate as I live nearby. I would recommend more friends to join the centre to see hope in their results.

Fong Yi, St Anthony’s Primary School, P5/7 4th 
I come here from Bukit Gombak and join this centre just before the end of the year exam. My English score has improved from 45 to 63. I have gained 18 marks more. My school mate, Brendan Tan has been here since P2. He is very good in his English. I hope to do well like him.

Raphael Chew Ann Kim,  Maris Stella High School Pr 5
I have gone to 2 or 3 centres but my father sees both my brother and I have improved the fastest in Joanne Choo Language Centre. We come all the way from the east to the west. I am in the Paper 2 class for comprehension and cloze. My editing and comprehension skills have progressed speedily. All along, my marks had been around 70 plus. I have gained 14.5 marks more within 4 lessons. It’s unbelievable but it’s real. My brother and I are living proofs.

Lim Yong Kap, Bukit Timah Primary School, 5 Resilience 
I came here when I was in P1 and that was the bad year which I flunk my exam and nearly failed my English too. My concerned mother brought me to Joanne Choo to help me improve my English and outshine my friends. While I am here, I give my best by paying full attention and typing out the composition every week. Slowly, I improve and from a guy who had nearly failed his English, I start to burst with excitement for English. I thank Mrs Choo for helping me to sharpen my use of knowledge and smooth my rough edges.

Huang Shiyun, Fuhua Primary School, P5 Care 

I came here when I was in P3. I improved from the second last class in P3 to the first class in P4. After leaving here, my composition marks dropped a lot. When my mum looked at my mid-year exam, she decided to bring me back here again. I wish to improve my marks in writing and will recommend this tuition centre to others.

Rachel Neo, CHIJ Kellock Primary School, P5 Neptune 
I just joined Joanne Choo Language Centre last year. I was recommended by a friend of my mother whose child was also in the centre. I have learnt to use beautiful phrases and vocabulary in my compositions. My composition marks improved from 20 to 25 marks this year. Now I have a better understanding in composition writing.

Irmun, Greenridge Primary School, P5 loyalty 
I have been in this English language centre since P3. Before coming here, I failed my composition. I absolutely dreaded writing it. After attending lessons here, I have improved because I have grown to love Mrs Choo’s phrases. My sister,now in university, eldest and second brothers, used to be here too. All of them got very good results. My eldest brother stopped lessons here in Sec 1 but rushed back in Sec 3 when he did badly. After coming back, he scored very well in GCE ‘O’ level English. Now, my cousin is also here.

Kwa Jia Xuan, CTPS, 5/8 
I have been here since P1. My sisters, Zhi Yin and Fang Yin, also came here. But the one who recommended me here was my cousin, Shenn. She told my dad that she had improved a lot, so my sisters and I came to this tuition centre together. By the end of that year, I had improved a lot as well and came in second in my class! I improved up to 13 marks in my composition. I would definitely recommend this tuition centre to others.

Jun Rui, PTPS, P5
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since primary 4. Before coming here, my compositions were very weak. Now I have improved in my composition results.

Vanessa Lee Yi Ni, Pei Tong Primary School, 5F 
My compositions were usually plain and dull. But after attending Mrs Choo’s class, my compositions are filled with exciting storylines and lots of vocabulary words and phrases.

Francene Mooi Suet Yeng, South View Primary School, 5.9 
I like writing essays. I have been here since Pr 1. I was recommended by my mother’s secondary school friend who is an English Teacher to this tuition centre. Her own children are Felicia Kee and Olsen Kee and many nieces and nephews used to attend this centre. They have improved a lot. I live at Chua Chu Kang. My compositions have improved a lot too. My teacher loves my compositions and always reads them to my classmates.

Shanna Twang, Raffles Girls Primary, P5 
I have joined Joanne Choo for more than a year. I can see the improvement and I am really doing well for my English composition. My composition in SA1 for P4 was 13/20. For SA2, I got 18/20. I will continue coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre as it is really good!

Sim Phei Shien, Clementi Primary School, P5/a 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in P3. My mother had found this tuition centre and she asked me to try it out. During P4, I stopped tuition as I felt that I did not need tuition anymore. However, now that I am in P5, I returned when my mother encouraged me to improve my English. When I first joined, I found the stories interesting. Two years later, I still find them entertaining. When I joined this year, it was only a week from the composition exam. I believe it was too short a time for me to improve drastically, as the exams were only a stone’s throw away. Overall, I like Mrs Choo’s sense of humour.

Brendan Tan Tong Hao, St Anthony’s Primary School, P5 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre due to a recommendation by my mother?s friend. At first, I dreaded it as I never liked tuition. As time passed by, I started to long for every lesson. After studying at the centre for a year, I quitted. Sadly, my marks fell and I began to worry for my composition examinations. I return and now I can get almost maximum score for practice.

Hubert Jian Yuai, Juying Primary School, 5C 
I have been here since primary 4. Before joining Joanne Choo Language Centre, I got low marks for composition. After a few months, I have improved and got better grade. Please join this learning centre!

Jasper Seet Wei Sian, Rulang P. Sch, 5L 
I have been here since Pr 1. I love to write essays. My brother, Marcus Seet has also been here since Pr2. Now, he is in Sec 3. We travel from Jurong West. Our cousins, Tan Teck Jin has been here since Pr 1. Now he is in Pr 3. His brother, Tan Teck Yen, Sec 3 is also here.

Belle Low Pei Jing, Jurong Primary School, P5F 
I have been here for four months. I love to go to Mrs Choo’s classes. My composition was very bad when I was in P3. But ever since I’ve attended Mrs Choo’s lessons, my composition marks have gone up! I am very happy!

Jordan Choo Wai Hong, Pei Tong Primary School, P5 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since primary 3. Before I was here, I usually failed my compositions as I did not have many ideas. After coming here, my marks increased dramatically. I usually pass my composition now with flying colours! I have lots of new ideas. I have also learnt many new phrases here too!

Shang Zi Yuan, Pei Hwa Presbyterian School, P5 Loyalty 10 
I was recommended here by a friend. She recommended me because she said that her grades had improved by a lot. I joined as well and my composition has improved by 7 marks.

He Yi Fei, Qifa Primary, 5E 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since primary 4. I was recommended by my mother’s friend. I enjoy lessons as they are easy to understand and interesting to learn.

Lim En Jie, Yuhua Primary School, P5
Before I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my English composition was not that good. I had to think for a very long time before I had an idea. But, ever since joining the centre, I can write a composition effortlessly.

K.G. Datchinamoorthi, Henry Park Primary School, P5 Care 1 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre this year. I was recommended here by a good friend. After joining this centre, I have improved by 30 marks!