Testimonials – Primary 6

Chanel Goh En Ting, Keming Primary School, 5 Diamond

My father stumbled upon Joanne Choo Language Centre and he searched online and found a lot of recommendations from parents’ and students’ write- ups. He was very impressed and signed both my brother and I up for the lessons.

Darius Goh, Keming Pri Sch, 4 Diamond 

My father came across Joanne Choo Language Centre. When he saw this centre, he quickly searched more about this centre. He was surprised as there were many good comments. So, he went in and signed my sister and me up for it.

Kevin Wang, Shuqun Pri Sch, Pri 3B2

My mother stumbled upon Joanne Choo Language Centre online in 2017 while trying to find one to improve my composition marks as I had been getting 11/15 for composition. After attending a year, it is 19/20 which is the highest in the level.

Ernest Tee Li Wei, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, 6 Resilience 9 

3 months ago, my mother enrolled me in Joanne Choo Language Centre as my score for English was not impressive. There is a jump of 9 marks from CA 1 to SA 1.

Komin Chow, Pei Tong Primary School, 6E3 

I have been here since last year. My passion for writing has increased tremendously.  Whenever I pick up a pen to unleash my emotions, ideas just flow. I have been liberated by Mrs Joanne Choo  in the uses of English.Two out of three pictures that Mrs Joanne Choo  had taught me in her class came out in my examination. That gave me an edge over the others in the score. The oral materials at Joanne Choo Language Centre have benefitted me in obtaining a good score. Even my email for Situational writing emerges as top- notch marks. I am one of the very few who will write testimonials. Most of my classmates here have done well but they squirm when they have been approached to do so, probably they are too shy to show their photos. 

Sherman Goh Zhao Lun, Clementi Primary School, 6/7

Before enroling  in Joanne Choo Learning Centre, I had often lacked confidence when it came to writing compositions. Even though I enjoyed writing previously, I doubted my own writing and often felt that it was not good enough. However, after coming to Joanne Choo Learning Centre, I was exposed to a wide array of expressions. Slowly, but surely, I gained more confidence and eventually excelled in my composition. I have improved by 6 marks and am the highest in my class. Coming to Joanne Choo Learning Centre has also allowed me to enjoy writing more, thus I now feel quite relaxed whenever I sit for a composition exam and no longer feel pressurized.

Wiley Soh Chong Hong, Henry Park Primary School, Pri 6C1

My form teacher, Miss Chan disclosed that I had scored one of the highest marks for composition. My teacher used to mention another boy’s name and hailed him as the best writer but not this time. Before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I used to write out of point and got penalized though my English was not that bad but the score was never impressive. I am still not satisfied with my present performance. I wish I can do better.

Wang Chen, Pei Tong Primary School, 6.6

When I first came to Joanne Choo Language Centre in Primary 3, I could not write fast as I was not familiar with the phrases. There were so many blanks that I could not fill in and I made a lot of mistakes in the essays I did. Over time, my English improved and so did my grade. I left the tuition centre when I was in Primary 5. However, my grade began to drop. My Mum was worried so she enrolled me back in Joanne Choo Language Centre in Primary 6.  She made the right choice as my grade started to improve by leaps and bounds. My open-ended comprehension marks improved from 7 to 19 as I also joined Paper 2. My composition marks improved as well, from 21 to 35 for my Prelims. Like me, many of my classmates in Joanne Choo Language Centre have been here for a long time. Tan Teck Jin, Thant Kyaw and Seo Shin Yang have been here since they were in Primary 1. Lenice Leong Yu Wei has been here since Primary 2 and Darren Chan has been here since Primary 3.

Violet Liaw, Beacon Primary school, 6/1

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre at the start of the year. My Paper 2 marks have increased from 69.5 to 78 for my Prelims. I travel all the way from Bukit Panjang to Clementi just to attend Mrs Choo’s lessons. I find this travelling time and effort worth it as my grade has improved significantly. It is definitely not a waste of time. My Mum knew about this tuition centre by reading past testimonials submitted by the students. Most of these students are still currently in Joanne Choo Language Centre.

Joey Jia, Fairfield Methodist Primary School, 6D
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre at the beginning of this year. Last year, my Composition marks were 25/40. Right now, it has increased to 30/40. I was short of a mark to win the “Writer of the Semester” trophy.

Huisi Chow Wai Si, Pei Tong Primary School, P6 Excellence 5

Before attending the Paper 1 and 2 classes, I got 74 marks. Now, I have 81 marks.

Daniel Chin Wei En, Keming Primary School, P6 Diamond

My composition marks are the 2nd highest in the class. The highest is just 1 mark above mine. However, my overall English marks are the highest in class. I only came into Joanne Choo Language Centre last year for Paper 1 and Paper 2.. I think this is the first time, my class teacher has mentioned that I have scored the highest for English.

Violet Liaw, Beacon Primary School, P6/1

I enrolled in Joanne Choo Language Centre in January. Last year, my composition marks were 22/40 and this year it has improved to 32/40.

Tan Tech Chin, Bukit Timah Pri Sch, P5A

I have been here since pri 1. I got the highest for composition. My brother joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in Sec 3 as he had failed but got B3 for English for o level. He regretted for not joining earlier.

Tan Ding Jiang, Nan Hua Primary School, 6J

My eldest brother, Tan Ding Han, got an A* for PSLE in 2008. He had been here for 2 years. My second brother got a high A. I had been in this centre since Pr 1 but I left when I was in Pr 5. My marks dropped significantly. I have improved my English by 9 marks after coming back in Pr 6 in just over 6 months for Paper 2.

Ulfah Binte Irwan, Henry Park Primary School, 6C4

My mother’s boss introduced us here. His two daughters had been here many years ago. My elder brother, Uzair was here since primary 1. In 2007, I came to this tuition centre when I was in primary one. I left the centre when I was in primary 3 and my marks regressed thereafter.
When I came back in 2012, I saw an improvement in my Paper 2 marks and scored more for my oral and situational examinations.

Lim Jia En, CHIJ-OLGC, 6I

My mother’s friend’s sister is a teacher here. She introduced me here about two months ago. After a few lessons with Mrs Choo, I improved for my practice paper. Exam came and I improved about 15 marks. I also improved on my oral and composition too.

Leong Ren Jet, NYPS, 6A

I have been here since P3. Before coming here, I used to fail my compositions. However my marks have been good except for paper 2 in P5. I did not start paper 2 with Mrs Choo until P6. I have just joined paper 2 for three months, and I have improved from 36 to 55.5 marks.

Shen Zhe Hao, Keming Primary School, Pr 5 Amethyst

I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in December 2011. My marks dropped initially when I was promoted to P5 in the Common Test One, scoring 64.7. However, I improved by 6.6 marks in SA1 to 71.3 marks in SA1.

Richard Li Defa, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary, Resilience 10 

I have been attending the comprehension classes for only three months now and I have gained 7 marks. When my mother’s friend introduced me to this centre, I came here all the way from Chua Chu Kang. Mrs Choo’s methods work like magic. My marks shot up from mid 60’s to high 70’s, improving from a B to an A  in only three months! Her compositions are all realistic, even the funny and creative ones have evidence that it is possible that such events can happen in real life.

Neo Tze Kay, Henry Park Primary School, 6I (2) 
I came here in P5. I was introduced by Tan Guan Yuan, the top student from Henry Park for the year of 2008. He and the other assistant head prefect, Alvin Tan, got A* when they were here PSLE. AlvinTan’s brother, Javier Tan, from Nanyang Primary School got A* too.  After being here for about 7 months, my composition and Paper 2 marks began to increase. From 74 marks, it became 82 in 6 months. I eventually got A* for English PSLE. It was the first time I have scored so well since P3. My composition marks increased from 24 to 35 in SA2s. I also began to like writing compositions and do it more easily and efficiently.

Javier Tan, NYPS, 6M GEP 
Today, I am sharing my experiences of Joanne Choo Language Centre with you. Writing composition was never my forte. I used to only barely scrape through with 22 or 23 marks and it used to pull my English marks down. Instead of scoring 90, I scored 80 due to my bad results for composition. I needed to score higher for my compositions!

Ever since I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my marks kept on improving. At first, it was just from 23 to 24, but now I am scoring 29 marks. I find the lessons very helpful as they have helped me improve my composition marks by leaps and bounds. Although I have only joined for half a year, I can already see the results.

My brother, Alvin Tan, who is now secondary 3, also joined this tuition centre in P6. He was also in GEP but he was from Henry Park Primary School. He is now doing well in Hwa Chong Institution. In 2009, he scored A* for English and was an assistant head prefect. His classmates, Tan Guan Yuan and others, also attended Joanne Choo Language Centre. Guan Yuan was the other assistant head prefect from Henry Park. He was the top student for that year. There were about 5 top students from Henry Park in the same class on fri at 4pm and two worst students, identical twins, who had failed very badly with marks ranging from 10 to 20 marks for all subjects. They joined in P6 and managed to score B for English PSLE but U grade for the rest of the subjects.

I would recommend Joanne Choo Language Centre for composition with my highest regard. It will help you/your child to improve composition marks greatly.

Edward Lim Jun Heng, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary, Resilience 3 
I was here in P1 where I used to score well, getting band one. I left in P4 and my English marks took a dip. When I came back to Joanne Choo Language Centre in the beginning of P6, my marks were around 50. After four months, my marks shot up to 65 and above. I should have stayed on from P5. I would not have scored so badly. I have picked up the necessary comprehension skills. I used to fail but I am able to stay above the borderline score. For Prelim results, I am pleased that I have 14 /20. The highest in my class is 15/20. My younger brother, Edwin Lim, who is at Pei Hwa, P3 Responsibility 5, goes to the centre too. He used to be unable to write proper sentences. After coming for six months, he always passes his composition and comprehension. My cousin, Ong Hui Lin, who goes to Shuqun Primary School, is also here and my older cousin, Benjamin Ong from West Spring Sec Sch is here for the secondary class. The other cousins, Ong Tse Yin from River Valley High, Ong Jia Hui, Shayne Pek and Ong Wee Chien used to come here too.

Julian Kang, P6A 
Before I came here, I would usually get 28 marks but after coming here I am in the top 4 in my class for composition writing! I joined Joanne Choo Language centre when I was in P2. Please read my mum’s comments in the Kiasu forum on Mrs Joanne Choo’s centre.

Nicole Leong, CHIJ Kellock, 6 Clematis 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since primary 4 and my mother suggested I come here. I enjoy the lessons and my compositions have also improved.

Low Yi Lin, SAPS, P6-3 
My mother’s friend recommended me to this English language centre. Before attending lessons here, my English was only a C. Now I get a B for English. I have learnt many good phrases from Mrs Choo and I enjoy her lessons very much.

Loke Teng Oh, Clementi Primary School, P6
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since I was in primary 5. After one year of attending the lessons, I have improved in my comprehension, composition and synthesis. My comprehension has improved a little. I hope that if I spend more time on it, I will improve a lot more and then I will be able to go to a good secondary school. I thank Mrs Choo for her wonderful teaching skills.

ZiYuan Huang, Toa Payoh Primary School, P6F 
I was recommended to this centre by my friends. Now my results are improving. The teacher, Mrs Choo, is very funny and the way she teaches us is very unique.

Fong Soon Wei, Rulang Primary School, 6C 
I was recommended here by some friends in the top classes. I have learnt many new phrases and vocabulary words here. As a whole, I have learnt a lot.

Stuart Loh, FMSP, 6C 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since primary 5. Before attending lessons here, I got very few marks. But after sometime, I have improved. I was recommended here by Dr Ong, our neighbour. Her daughter was a top PSLE student in Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. During the PSLE exam for English composition, her mind went blank but she recalled Mrs Choo’s joke. It relaxed her mind. The storyline on monkeys sprang to mind. She wrote and scored A* for English. Her cousins and sisters had been here from primary. Some continued to secondary even in Hwa Chong and Raffles.

Apichant, Pei Tong Primary School, P6
Joanne Choo Language Centre is a good place to have tuition because of the method the teacher uses to teach. I have improved by 13 marks after attending lessons here. My exam results have improved from a B to an A. I am here for Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both papers twice a week. The crash course has helped me a great deal. My mother is very pleased with my performance. I came from Thailand. My English used to be so horrible.

Shawn Goh Xu Kai, NHPS, P5 
I have only been in Mrs Choo’s class since this year but I feel and think that I have improved a lot and now I have a great passion for writing.

Heinrich Sim Kai Peng, NHPS, 6B 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre a few months ago and my English has improved from a fail grade to a pass. The methods that Mrs Choo uses for comprehension are very useful for Chinese Comprehension as well.

Tang Ze Hou, Jurong West Primary School, P6 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since P3. I was recommended by my friends. My writing skills have improved rapidly after my tuition at Joanne Choo Language Centre. Mrs Choo is a loving and caring teacher. She is also very comical and likes to crack some amusing jokes in class. I find her lessons interesting and enjoyable. I wish Mrs Choo luck.

David Yao, NHPS, 6KT2 
Before joining the lessons here, I was not so good in my descriptive words and in writing a composition. After joining this tuition class, I am better in expressing what I want to say. I have also learnt how to make my compositions more exciting and interesting. I can now end my compositions with a twist and moral behind the essay.

Ong Shi Yinn, Henry Park Primary School, P6
I just joined Joanne Choo Language Centre this year. I have always liked composition writing but I was never very good at it. So, my Chinese tuition teacher, Teacher Doris, recommended me to this tuition centre. I am glad that she did. I enjoy my lessons here a lot. I am looking forward to the next composition I will be writing in school. I really hope that I will improve. Thank you, Mrs Choo, for accepting me as your student!

Sheryl Lim Seau Rei, Fairfield Methodist Primary, 6G 
I’ve been here since Primary One. I like writing essays. I was recommended here by my mother’s friend. I live in Pasir Panjang. After joining this class, my composition marks are consistent and are usually 30 marks and above. I have more interesting ideas for composition.

Cao Zhikai, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Teamwork 6 
It has been a few months now since I had started attending lessons at Joanne Choo Language Centre. My sister, Cao ZhiYi, was here from P5 to P6. At PSLE, she scored A* for English. She went to Nanyang Secondary School. She said that this centre is good and I am here too.

Chloe Lee Keli, CHIJ, 6Joy 
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since Primary 1. My sister, Charlyn Lee Li Xuan, has also been here since Primary 1. She is now in Pr 4. My auntie’s son, Matthew who is now in NJC recommended this centre to us years back. We travelled from Bukit Timah here. I have great passion for writing now.

Chee Jae Ker, Henry Park Primary School, 6I(2) 
I usually come to this area of Clementi to have my dinner. One day, I realised that there was a tuition centre here. I decided to join and soon my English results improved by 20 plus marks in total! I received a lot of creative ideas from Mrs Choo. My brother, Chee Jek Yi, also improved. His marks have increased since joining the centre. We have learnt a lot of new phrases too!

Loy Hui Yang, Pei Hwa Presbyterian School, Resilience 1 
After attending Joanne Choo Language Centre, that was introduced to me by my brother, Loy Hui Jing, I learnt many different phrases and techniques to score well in my examinations. Before attending Mrs Choo’s lessons, I was nervous in taking my examinations and competitions. But during the lessons, I was able to complete the activities with confidence. Upon joining the class, I have learnt many new skills and have fun at the same time. Now, I enjoy writing compositions and have even scored well!

Loo Wan Hong, Pr 6
I started going for tuitions here in primary three. My sister, Wan Ching, recommended me to attend tuition at Joanne Choo Language Centre. At first, I thought that attending tuition at the centre would not be fun as I expected a lot of homework and assignments. However, I was wrong. Instead of homework, Mrs Choo gave us ideas for our composition which were very interesting. I used to score a grade C for English before taking tuition here. But ever since I started, my grades have increased to a high B. I am extremely proud of my marks. Aside from English, my mother has also registered me for maths and science classes in the centre. Though I find the classroom size small, I have improved tremendously from a C to a high A. I hope that this tuition centre can also organise a secondary science class so that I can score higher marks in my science. I hope that I can continue attending tuition at this centre during my secondary school years.

Teng Jing Xuan, South View Primary School, 6/4
I used to hate compositions and comprehensions! My mother’s friend recommended her to put me into this centre, but I was reluctant. I did, however, join during P6, around April. In just a few months, I noticed that writing compositions and doing comprehensions did not have to be a tough endeavour. Mrs Choo teaches in a very interesting and fun manner. Her classes are enjoyable. Now, I look forward to her lessons. My composition and comprehension skills have improved.

Yong Yu Wei Lenice, NHPS, 3F
I was introduced to Joanne Choo Language Centre by my brother. Since then, my English composition marks have improved a lot. I have learnt more phrases and words that have helped my in my composition. I use these phrases that I’ve learnt in my examinations and I have scored well.

Dawn Liu Gui-Bao, Nan Hua Primary School, P6B 
I joined Mrs Choo’s classes when I was in primary three. My aunt introduced me to the tuition centre. My two cousins, Grace Law Si En (Fairfield Methodist Secondary School) and Eu Tung Kwai (Boon Lay Secondary School), have done quite well in their English. I have improved in my English by leaps and bounds. Mrs Choo has a wide variety of phrases, vocabulary and grammar words. I have learnt many different phrases and my marks have improved from 20 marks to 35 marks! I have asked quite a few of my friends to join. I am very grateful that Mrs Choo teaches me and I encourage everyone to join as well! I have also improved in my science under Mrs Toh here.

Neo Tze Kay, Henry Park Primary School, 6 Integrity 
My mother’s friend recommended me here ten months ago. I can feel the improvements. I have improved by about 4 to 5 marks. I really like this tuition centre as there is no homework!

Clair Sridjaja Ling Ying, Henry Park Primary School, 6I(3) 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in primary 5. My friend introduced this tuition centre to me. My compositions were not well written initially. However, after revising all my compositions after every lesson, I started remembering many good phrases and words. This helped me to improve my compositions.

Dion, Dazheng Primary, 6/3 
Rainey’s mother suggested to my father during work that I have to attend Joanne Choo Language Centre for English tuition as Rainey’s two brothers have improved a lot after joining for a few months. My parents urged me to join as they wanted me to improve my English. After attending crash courses for Paper 1 and Paper 2 three times a week at the centre during June holidays. After one month crash course, I am back in school, I feel more confident in writing compositions and answering comprehensions now. I used to fail my synthesis before joining in June. Now, I score very well in the practice in class. I used to get 2/ 20 marks for comprehension. Now in class practice, I can get 12/20. My father’s colleague is so kind to recommend this centre to me.

Rainey Wong Jia Xiang, Delasalle School (DLSS), 6C
I have been here since the start of the year. I joined this centre under my brother’s friend, Benjamin’s, recommendation. I used to fail very badly. My exam started again in term 2. I was not scared of my English exam as Mrs Choo has taught me some tactics for the exam for Paper 2. I managed to improve from SA 2 last year at 38.3 marks to 49.3 in SA1 this year. I am satisfied with my improvement as I have just come for a few months and can improve. My brothers, Randy Wong Jia Cheng and Ryan Wong Jia How are also here for Paper 1 and Paper 2 for secondary. My mother had sent us to so many centres but we have never improved. She is so pleased with our performance. I enjoy Mrs Choo’s lessons very much! My mother has recommended Dion, a Japanese girl, who used to be very weak in her English. Her improvement is even faster as she did a crash course, three times a week during June Holidays.

Jan Alferson Tan, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, 6J 
I used to hate writing until I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in primary 4. Now, I feel that writing compositions are fun and interesting. My teachers are impressed by my improvements. I have learnt many useful phrases and words in this centre. In school, I almost got full marks for composition!

Frank Jinny Yu Xuan, Jurong West Primary School, P6C 
I have been here since P5. My composition used to be so short and there was a lack of phrases. I hated writing composition as I was almost the last and worst writer in my class. After joining Joanne Choo Language Centre for Paper 1 and Paper 2, my composition and comprehension got better. I used to score 6 – 8 marks for my comprehension but now I score 14 – 16 marks. Her lessons have really helped me a lot. When I was in P4, I got band 3 for English. In P5, I got a C. Now I get 72 marks for my English exams.

Cindy Ang Xinyi, Clementi Primary School, P6/7 
I was recommended to Joanne Choo Language Centre by my brother, Shawn Ang, who has already left the centre. I have been here since P3. In the past, I always did not have any ideas on how to write a composition. After coming here, my mind is now full of creative ideas. I have also learnt a lot of phrases. I enjoy attending Mrs Choo’s lessons.

Lee Kok Jua, Clementi Primary School, P6/6 
Before I attended Joanne Choo Language Centre, I used to be very poor in English and I always failed. But when I came in P6, I passed with better marks!

Kimberly Seah, Raffles Girls’ Primary School, 6D 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in Primary 2. My sister recommended me here. I’ve always liked to write compositions but I never really knew how to write them properly. But, with Mrs Choo’s good phrases, I have improved. When I used one of Mrs Choo’s compositions in school, I got 36 out of 40 marks! I would recommend everyone to join.

Alyssa Kok, Methodist Girls’ School, P6.1 
I have been attending Joanne Choo Language Centre since K2 or P1. Somebody recommended my sister who in turn recommended me. I have improved a lot synthesis. At first, I got zero marks. But after two months joining Paper 2, I got full marks for synthesis. I also join Paper 1.

Matthew Toh Cheng Han, Henry Park Primary School, P6
I had always disliked writing compositions. But once I was introduced to this centre by my friend, my interest in essays has increased. Thanks to Mrs Choo for putting many new ideas and creative phrases into my head.

Liu Huiyi, Qifa Primary School, P6 
My friend Jiaming introduced me to the language centre. I came for a month and I find Mrs Choo fun and creative in her teaching techniques. I understood the skills to be used in examinations and my parents are satisfied with the worksheets given by the language centre for Paper 2. Thank you, Mrs Choo!

Yu Jiaming, Qifa Primary School, P6 
One of my mother’s friends introduced me here. I came for about a year. My composition improved from twenty marks to thirty over. My comprehension and synthesis improved too. I find the lessons fun and got many ideas to use in my other school compositions. Mrs Choo taught me the skills I should use in my exams for Paper 2. My parents are pleased with her teaching method and the results they produce. I appreciate what Mrs Choo has done for me.

Sarah Goh Wei Zhen, Fairfield Methodist School (Primary), P6
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre this year but I quit in April. I realised that when I did my English exam, I used Mrs Choo’s phrases and I improved in my composition. My mother decided to let me join again. So now I have to learn more phrases to apply them to my PSLE exam. I hope to score for my PSLE with Mrs Choo’s help and I would recommend my friends to come to this tuition centre too.

Yi Chongwen, Henry Park Primary School, P6 Respect 2 
I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in Primary 4. After attending Mrs Choo’s class, I realised that my marks have improved from 33/40 to 37/40. I would definitely recommend this tuition centre to others.

Chloe Lee Keli, CHIJ, 6 Joy
I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since Primary 1. My sister, Charlyn Lee Li Xuan, has also been here since Primary 1. She is now in Pr 4. My auntie’s son, Matthew, now in NJC recommended this centre to us years back. We travelled from Bukit Timah here. I have passion for writing.