Testimonials – Primary 4

Kevin Lee Zhi Kai P4.1 South View Pri Sch 04/10/2015 I was transferred from Greenridge Pri School in June 2015. I used to dread writing compositions before joining Joanne Choo Language Centre. My preference for writing changes after getting free flow of ideas and good style of writing. My superior score of 4 which is the best in class elates me. My mom took me out of Joanne Choo Language Centre but I insist on coming back to Mrs Joanne Choo ?s lessons. I know I have benefited much more here.

An Qi Henry Park Primary School  P4F 14/03/15 My mother?s friend recommended me to Joanne Choo Language Centre as I failed my English composition. After joining Joanne Choo Language Centre for 3 months, my teacher, Ms Sabrina, said my composition is the second highest in class.

Isaac Khoo Fairfield Methodist Primary School  P4C 08/03/15 I joined Joanne Choo Learning Centre in January this year. My marks for composition used to be below 15 marks. This is the first time I got full marks for my composition for class review in school. My teacher, Mrs Martha John, praised me and asked me to type out my composition. She is going to put it up in the class. My mother is surprised at my improvement. I hope I can maintain my marks. Bertrand Lim Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School  P 4TW7  08/03/15 Though I do not hate writing, my mother still sends me to Joanne Choo Learning Centre to improve my composition writing skills. My teacher, Miss Jaslyn Siau, came to the class  one day and announced to everybody that I had scored the highest for the composition mock paper. She typed my composition out and handed a copy each to everybody and even read my composition during class.  She told everybody to learn from my writing style. Jayachandran Deepsri Clementi Primary School  P 4/5  2/11/13 I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre a couple of months ago. I find that the phrases and vocabulary are unique. I used to take a long time to think how to write out the composition. After coming here, I am able to think faster and express faster with whatever I have learnt. For the first time, I top in class. When I first joined the Joanne Choo?s class, I could not fill in so many blanks.  I was dead slow. I work very hard reading all the compositions even now. It?s worth it. I improve so fast. My mother thinks that English is my weakest subject. With this progress, it has pushed me to the top in class. My mother and I did not expect such a fast improvement. When I was in P3, I used to think that English was a boring subject. However, now I find it interesting now after the success. At last, I have improved my English which I used to think it was impossible. Thanks to Mrs Joanne Choo. Tan Zi Yun Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School P4 Teamwork 7 11.11.13 I came here since P2.  I improve from the grade of 14.5 to the grade of 18.5 over 20 marks. Writing the compositions here improve my sentence structures. I have learnt many interesting phrases and vocabulary. My parents are so pleased with me that I have improved my compositions tremendously. Before entering this class, I think compositions are very boring, writing sentence after sentence. I am so pleased to have such a wonderful teacher teaching me and helping me for both my papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. A very big thank you to Mrs Choo. Cheo Ler Min Pei Hwa Presbyterian school P4 Teamwork 4 11.11.13 I came since P3. I have learnt many different interesting stories and improved from a very bad failure grade of 3.5 marks to the passing grade of 12.5 marks. My paper 2 has also improved from passing marks of 33.5/64 to 42.5/64. All thanks to Mrs Choo. Lim Dao Yi, Pei Hwa Presbyterian primary school, Teamwork 3, 3rd November 2013 When I first came into Joanne Choo Language Centre, I thought it was just another tuition centre like all the others. But I was wrong. Mrs Joanne Choo?s style of teaching is very unique. She is also very funny and dramatic, which keeps me interested in learning English. I used to get 10/20. Mrs Choo motivates me to use her good phrases. Now, I write composition without hesitation, which has helped me to think and write faster. Now I usually get 14 to 16, I believe I will be able to get even higher marks if I work hard. So come to Joanne Choo Language Centre! I ensure you that you will not regret it! Hard work pays off! Megan Yuen Yee Ming 4.3 Methodist Girls? School 16/11/13 Before joining Joanne Choo Language Centre, I got very low marks for English. One day, my best friend, Amarillys, who was already a student here, introduced me to the tuition centre. I was only Primary 3 at that time. After joining Joanne Choo Language Centre, my results have improved a lot. This year, I scored 54 marks for CA 1 and 64 marks for SA 1. For the recent SA 2, I have improved and scored 78.5 marks. I am elated. My English teacher, Mrs Maria Tan, praised me for my improvement and the hard work I have put in. She even gave me a little present as a reward for my improvement. I thanked Mrs Choo and my teacher for helping me improve my English. I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre for one and a half year. I will keep learning and aim to get better marks next year. I will introduce more students to this tuition centre so that they can improve their English too. Dylan Lam Hung Yih, Saint Andrews Junior School,P4-Resilience,3rd November 2013 Before I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre, my composition score was about 10/20.  The school only discloses marks range of 13 to 16. However, I just feel that I can express myself much better than before. Words just come freely. I do not have to ponder that long to come up with ideas and words. I have even scored full marks for one of my comprehensions. As for the second comprehension, I got 8/10. This is the first time that I have done so well. Even oral, I am more confident. What I have learnt in Joanne Choo Language Centre is really useful. My mother was impressed with my marks for English. Shannon Gan Pri 4 Responsibility 3 Pei Tong Primary School 21/9/13 Before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, my score for composition was 16/40. Now, after having lessons with Mrs Joanne Choo for about 1 year, my score has improved to 32/40.When I first came to the language centre, I was very slow in filling in the blanks. I don?t think I come here to copy as I always make so many mistakes. Copying or not, who cares? I improve! Come to Joanne Choo!   Jeremiah Wong Hunn Pin, Fairfield Primary School P4A 21/9/2013 Before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I used  to dread writing essays. I used to be at a loss for words. After attending Mrs Choo?s  lessons,  words come freely. Now, with any picture, ideas and words come so easily to me. When I first came, there were many mistakes in my compositions. Now, I make less mistakes as I am more familiar with the phrases. I would never consider myself copying Mrs Choo?s compositions here. If it is really copying, then they will be error free. My mother has also recommended friends here. I hope they will improve too. Vanessa Liew Huien P4D, Fairfield Pri Sch 14.06.13 My grandmother saw the huge yellow Joanne Language Centre and many pupils attending  here. She asked my mother to check it out. After doing so, she put me here as I used to manage only a pass for my oral and composition. To get a trophy is a surprise from what I used to be. Mrs Soh, my school English teacher praised me for the great improvement. I would recommend all my friends to come.

Komin Chow    4R5        Pei Tong Primary School           14/9/13 My elder sister?s friend recommended us to Joanne Choo Language Centre. Before coming here, I disliked writing composition. I wished I could get out of the class in school and avoid writing. At the beginning when I joined the class, I was way behind in finishing my work. I did not know how to fill  in  the blanks. After a while, I improved when I  put in effort at home to read and take note of the many mistakes I have made. Mrs Choo?s lessons are so interesting. I enjoy coming. Her stories can help me improve my sentence structures. Now, I can focus on writing in school. My grade has improved a lot. My mother is so pleased. Teo Cheng Han  St. Anthony?s Primary School   P3-1  18.05.12 My cousin, Esther Gong Li Yong, an ex-student recommended my mother to bring me here. Mrs Choo is a great motivator in getting me to come up with wonderful ideas in class and even in my examination. My form teacher, Mdm Faridah, praised me for my good composition in SA1. Mrs New has also pushed my marks up for Paper 2. I must never quit this centre until I finish school. Tan Zi Yun Peihwa Presbyterian Primary School P3 Responsibility  18.05.12 I came here in December 2011. My English  has improved tremendously by 171/2 marks in this SA1 as the last score was 62 overall for English. Mrs Choo?s teaching is like magic. My English teacher expressed that I have improved in my composition during recess. I recommended my school, Cheo Ler Min who has also progressed. Wong Chuen Shuo  ACS Barker    P3F   18.05.12 My aunt recommended me here. My sister, Ya Xuan, and I come all the way from Orchard Rd for the lessons. I scored 60 something last year. Now it is 75. Cheo Ler Min  Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School  P3 Responsibility 18.05.12 I came here on 11th MAR 2012. My English has improved by 11 and a half marks for this SA1 as my overall last score was 45/100 for English. Mrs Choo?s teaching is special. My English teacher, Mdm Siti said that I had improved by 11 ½ marks. Neo Win Kyi Henry Park Primary   P3I/2  19.05.12 At the beginning, I refused to go for lessons. My brother, Neo Tze Kay, used to be very weak. He had been here since Pri 3. For PSLE, he got an A*. My mother could not believe it as he had never been that good. Due to his excellent results, I willingly come. I scored 5 marks more after coming here since February this year. I also brought my friend, Christine, from Raffles? Girls here. She too got 51/2 more. However, he scored Joshua Wu Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School  Pr 3Responsibilty 19.05.12 I came here since I was primary 1. I enjoy writing composition. My English results have been average for the past years but I scored full marks 65/65 this time for SA1. Renee Quek Shu Jun  P4E  Fairfield Pri Sch, 19.05.12 My score for composition used to be 6  to 7 / 20 marks in Pr 3. My worried mother rushed me here in February 2012.  Around April, my form teacher, Miss See(for Pr 3and  Pr 4), praised me for writing well and asked me which centre I have gone to, for such a fast improvement . My mother is pleased with my score for paper 2 too. I join Paper 2 class in February. Last year, the score was 54. Now, it is 70 plus. Charlyn Lee Li Xuan, CHIJ OLQP, P4 Love 250611 My mother has been recommended here by our relative. I have been in Mrs Choo?s class since P1. I feel so lucky because I used to hate writing composition as I didn?t know what to write. But after I have attended Mrs Choo?s class, I got some ideas for my compositions. Sometimes, I got full marks for my P1 compositions. My teacher would put them up on the door of my class after reading them to the class. Most of the time, my teacher would ask us to guess who got the highest marks. I thought it was one of my friends. But they all pointed at me. I wondered why they were pointing at me! But later, I found out that I was the one who got the highest marks! (I also used to fail them before coming here) My sister, Chloe Lee Keli, 6Joy from CHIJ has been here since P1. My cousin, Matthew introduced us here. He is now in NJC. Darren Chan, Kranji Primary School, P4B1 12.11.11 I have been here since primary three. Before coming to the centre, I used to get borderline scores for my exams and tests. My comprehensions have also improved. Now, my compositions are getting better. All the compositions that Mrs Choo has written are very interesting and funny. My brother was once with Joanne Choo Language Centre from Primary 2. He was here until Secondary 4. My sister is still with Joanne Choo Language Centre and she is now in Secondary four. She started from Primary 3. Clara Boo Tian Ying Xinghua Primary School 4D 13.11.11 I travel all the way from Hougang. I came here in February. Before coming here, my compositions were plain and dull. In SA1, I achieved band 2. After a few lessons from Mrs Choo, my marks have improved from band 2 to band 1! My parents are glad that my marks are better. I hope that my marks will improve even more next year. Priscilla Yun. Nan Hua Primary School. P4E 05.11.11 I used to just pass my compositions, but after I?ve gone to Joanne Choo, my marks from ?just pass? have become top of the class! Joanne Choo really helps me in my compositions and now I?m confident in doing my composition. Joanne Choo rocks! My neighbour recommended me here; I wish to recommend all my friends here. Mrs Joanne Choo, the best! Benjamin Neo ,Casuarina Primary School, P4 04.11.2011 I have joined Joanne Choo Language Centre since term 3 in 2011. Wonderfully, in just about 3 months, my results improved from 76 to 83! My comprehension got full marks. I come all the way from Pasir Ris to Clementi but worth our travelling as the lesson fees are also reasonable and my marks have improved. Ma Hnin Oo Wai, Clementi Primary School, P4/7 26.06.11 I am a Burmese. I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre when I was in primary 3. I was recommended by my friend, Xin Yun. Before I came to this language centre, I would get very low marks for comprehension and composition. Now, I have improved a lot. My teacher is also very happy with my improvement. I have learnt many useful phrases and words in this centre. My comprehension has also improved a lot. I answer with full confidence now. My parents are also very pleased with my improvements. I have also recommended one of my friends here (a Burmese too) and he has also passed his exams with flying colours. Stefanie Ann Low Su Ying, Methodist Girls? School (Primary), P4.5 01/07/11 I have been in the centre since primary 3. At that time, Joanne Choo Language Centre was at the Clementi Town Centre before shifting to its present premise. I used to have seven students in my class but since then it has doubled in size. I was first recommended to attend Joanne Choo Language Centre from my mother?s colleague. At first, I wasn?t sure that by attending group tuition my composition would improve. However, when my English teacher commented that some of my stories were interesting, I knew that the centre helped me a fair bit. The sessions are always full of interesting ideas that are different from the many compositions from textbooks that my parents buy me. I think I will continue learning from Joanne Choo Language Centre until I am in secondary 4. Darren Chan, Kranji Primary School, P4B1 26.06.11 I have been here since primary three. Before coming to the centre, I used to get borderline scores for my exams and tests. Now my compositions are getting better. All the compositions that Mrs Choo has written are very interesting and funny. My brother was once with Joanne Choo Language Centre from primary two. He was here until Sec 4. My sister is still with Joanne Choo Language Centre and she is now in secondary four. She started from P3. Prabhakaran Sahithya, Qifa Primary School, 4E 26.06.11 I just joined Joanne Choo Language Centre a few months ago. I was recommended by my P3 English tuition teacher, Catherine but she does not teach upper primary. Before coming to this centre, I used to get very low marks for my composition. I hated compositions at that time, as I did not know how to use phrases and vocabulary. But after coming here, I realised that I have improved a lot. I started to like compositions. I have received very good comments from my form teacher. My parents are very pleased. Zhou Yi Rui, NYPS, Primary 4J/Respect 26.06.11 I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since P2. My elder sister, Zhou Yi Bo, has also been here for compositions. I have learnt a lot of words and many new phrases like ?a stone?s throw away?. Mrs Choo has a good sense of humour and she also lets us act out the phrases and clauses for our composition. This helps us learn better. Nicholas Tan Xuan Tan, Pei Tong Primary School 26.06.11 I was here since primary two. Before I came, my composition was bad. Ever since coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I have improved a lot. Anbarasan Oviya, Clementi Primary School, P4/6 26.06.11 I have only started attending this year. I was recommended here by Sahithya. I love the compositions that Mrs Choo gives us. They are interesting and I always feel excited to do each composition! Her essays are so different from the model answers which are long-winded, boring and even out of point. Mrs Choo’s essays are so lively and funny. Her style of writing is worth learning. Nicole Chua, Clementi Primary School, P4 25.06.11 Before coming here, my English was plain and simple. I used to get 17 or 18. But after joining, I improved. I also enjoy reading storybooks to improve my English. I started looking forward to composition writing after I joined. That?s because I was excited to use the phrases I have learnt. Loke Teng Hang 26.06.11 I was here since Primary 3. Before I came here, I was bad in English. Now I am here, I have improved. Zhang Xin Yun, Clementi Primary School, P4/6 25.06.11 I used to hate writing compositions, until I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in primary three. Now, I enjoy writing. In the centre, I learned a lot of useful phrases. Sometimes, my teacher gives me two stars on my composition. Soh Si Ji, Bukit Timah Primary School, P4 Respect 25.06.11 I have been here for the last four months. Before attending Mrs Choo?s lessons,I had always failed my practice composition in school as I had no idea how to write it. But after coming here, I have got better marks. Li Jia Jing, Nan Hua Primary School, P4E 25.06.11 I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre a few months ago. My parents noticed this centre when we went to the nearby Shop and Save for groceries. They knew that I needed a tuition centre for my compositions. My results in school are normally around 13 to 14 marks out of 20. After attending Mrs Choo?s class, I realised that my marks have shot up to 17 to 18 out of 20. My parents are overjoyed after seeing my marks. They are very satisfied with the centre so they allow me to continue learning more good phrases to improve on my compositions. Kong Jun Rui Pei, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, TW8 25.06.11 I hated writing compositions at first. But after attending Mrs Choo?s composition class, I love composition now. Everyday, I write tons of compositions at home. I have also learnt a lot of things at the centre, including phrases, semi-clauses and even dancing (to the beat of Pearly Shells)! Ching Zhi Ru Vanessa, Bukit Panjang Primary School, P4D 25.06.11 I came to Joanne Choo Language Centre four months ago. I can already feel the improvements. I used to hate compositions but now I like writing. I have a sister in the same school and she is in P6. Wong Yuhan, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Responsibility 4 25.06.11 I hated composition. This year, I turned nine and my mother sent me to learn composition at Joanne Choo Language Centre. Now, I am trying to use her phrases in my composition. My mother is also trying to help me remember the phrases. Wilson Mah, FHPS, 4 Care 26.06.11 I have been here since Primary 3. I was recommended by my mother?s friend. Before coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I would fail my composition. But after coming here, I have started to improve because of the nice phrases the teacher has given us. GK Janani, Greenridge Primary School 02/07/11 I used to love composition and love it still. My brother used to be here too. Now, I have improved in composition writing. I have learnt many new phrases as well. Being in Joanne Choo Language Centre has helped me learn a lot of things I would otherwise not know. I have learnt some new techniques to write better compositions! Kylie Leong Kai Ling, Xingnan Primary School, 4F 02/07/11 Before I came here, I nearly failed my compositions by 1 mark. I hated compositions but after joining Mrs Choo?s lessons, I started to love writing and this year, I got 18 out of 20 marks. It was the highest in class! I was also called by the teacher to take part in a writing competition. Someday, I wish I could get higher marks, maybe even full marks! Khor Xin Yi, Gong Shang Primary School (GSPS) 02/07/11 Last time, my compositions were badly written. I decided to attend Joanne Choo Language Centre, even though I come from Tampines, which is very far away. Now, my compositions have improved. I hope to be able to get into Ngee Ann Secondary School. I have a lot of cousins in Mrs Choo?s centre, but they are from different classes. Only one is in my class. Her name is Jing Jing. Emmanuelle Hng Mei-En, Methodist Girls? School P4.3 02/07/11 I used to get 12 out of 20 for my English composition. One day, my mother told me that her friend had recommended me to attend lessons at Joanne Choo Language Centre as her son had done very well in his examinations and improved. My mother asked me if I was interested in joining. Determined to improve, I told her that I should try it out. I joined the centre when I was in primary 3. After writing my practice composition, I was able to get 15 ? 16 marks. In my examinations, I got 14 out of 20. I learnt lots of beautiful phrases ever since I came to this centre. Every week, I memorise around 10 ? 15 phrases. After attending Mrs Choo?s lessons, my sister can also write very well. Mrs Choo also updates us on new subjects that are available in her centre. My parents are very pleased with my results. Sometimes, when we have extra time, she would practise Oral with us. Thank you so much, Mrs Choo! Seo Shin Yang, Rulang Primary School, P4E 02/07/11 I have been in this centre for two years. Before coming here, I had only just passed my exams but after I have come to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I scored 84 marks for English for SA1. I even got top five in my class! Min Guan Lin, Greenwood Primary School, P4B 02/07/11 When I came here in primary three, my compositions were very long-winded and often times, boring. After trying out Mrs Choo?s lessons, I can write very good compositions. I come here every Saturday from Woodlands to attend lessons! Mikhil Anand, Henry Park Primary School, P4 Integrity-1 01/07/11 Joanne Choo Language Centre has helped me improve a lot in improve my English, especially my composition. At first, when I joined, I was weak in English. After a few weeks studying in Joanne Choo Language Centre, I am better in the subject. My teacher now praises me for my compositions. My oral and my compositions have helped me a lot in my SA1 and SA2. Mrs Choo makes sure that classes at the centre are very funny and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this tuition centre to anyone who is weak in English! Rouvin Erh Heng Rui, Henry Park Primary School, P4I1 25/06/11 I have been in this centre since P 1.  I love to write. My sister, Joey Erh  Luo Zhen,  had been here since P1 too until  Secondary 4.  She scored A1 for English. She did Paper 1 and Paper 2 at the centre. Her bosom friend, Estee, was with her throughout from P1 to Sec 4. I think Estee got A1 too. My mother has recommended Estee to this centre. She had improved a great deal from average to distinction. Clara Boo Tian Ying, Xinghua Primary School, P4D 25/06/11 My mother?s friend recommended me here. She drove me all the way from Hougang. When I let my mother know what I am learning here, she is very pleased. I pick up the comprehension skills very fast the way Mrs Choo is training us and the phrases and semi-clauses are  handy. Wang Chen, Pei Tong Primary School, 4E 24/06/11 Before attending the class, I cannot describe or express well in my compositions. I hate writing them. Now, my compositions have improved a lot. I enjoy writing now and it?s just a few months here. Mrs Choo is a great motivator.