Testimonials – Primary 3

Dayna Ang, Rulang Primary School, 3A

My father’s friend recommended me to Joanne Choo Language Centre. I started when I was Primary 1, in 2016. When I first came, there were many mistakes in my compositions. But now I have improved my compositions. After a few months, I am on cloud 9.

Kaiser Ang, Rulang Primary School, 3A

My father’s friend told my father to take us to join Joanne Choo Language Centre. She taught me her style of writing composition. At first, I was weak at English but coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, I improve. My father was very pleased with me and my teacher, Mrs Chan, praised me because I improve my composition.

Tan Le Yun, Nan Hua Primary School, P3F

I used to dread to write composition when I was in Primary 1. After a few months, my parents sent me to Joanne Choo Language Centre when they saw Joanne Choo’s website. I came here thinking that the class would be so boring like in the class in school, but I was wrong. Mrs Choo was funny and a good storyteller. Now, I am in Primary 3 and I am better when I write composition. A big thank you to Mrs Choo.

Evangeline Hor Clementi Primary School P3/2 

When I was in primary 1, I could not follow Mrs Choo’s class. I was the slowest in class. After 4 months, my mother was so pleased that she saw a great change in me. Now, I am in primary 3. My teacher, Mrs Lim, just announced that I was the top in class for English.

Harrold Wong North Vista Primary School P3/2 

I come all the way from Tampines as I used to dislike writing compositions class. My mother sent me here hoping to get me motivated to write. Now, she is surprised even at my appreciation letter that I have written to her on Mother’s Day. She enjoys reading my compositions. My teacher, Ms Noor had also asked me to type out my story on PowerPoint.

Javier See Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School P3R4 

My parents have transferred me from Fuhua Primary to Pei Hwa Primary this year. My teacher, Mr Woon, praised me for my well-written composition for a class review. He liked my good phrases and remarked in my worksheet that I had demonstrated the proper use of vocabulary. My teacher remarked further that my composition was unique and interesting. I used to hate writing compositions and now after attending Joanne Choo’s lessons, my ideas flow and I write freely.


Javier See Fuhua Primary School P3 

I have emerged as the top 25% for overall in Fuhua Primary School. My good results are accepted by Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. I have learned a lot of phrases at Joanne Choo Language Centre. My form teacher, Mdm Fadilah read my composition to my class. She is happy with my writing.

Alphonsus Soh Giang Hao Pei Tong Primary School P3 Integrity 

Before joining Joanne Choo Language Centre, I kept failing my compositions. When my cousin, Aloysius Hay, knew about this, he introduced the tuition centre to my father. I remembered dragging my feet to class on the first day of tuition. I hated tuition. However, Joanne Choo Language Centre is different. On the first day, I was lagging behind in writing. I had difficulty completing the blanks. I went home and paid more attention to the mistakes I made in class. I started practising writing at home too. A year later, I was able to write faster. I improved from level 3 to level 4.5. My overall marks jumped from 62 to 79. I am very satisfied with my marks now. Come to Joanne Choo Language Centre and you will not regret.

Chen Yuen Zhen  Zhenghua Primary School 3B

Since I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my English has improved by 8 marks. My form teacher, Miss Gina, praised me for my good composition writing skills. She also told my father that my grammar has improved a lot.

Samuel Lau Yi Yang,  Nanyang Primary School Pri 3

I have been attending lessons at Joanne Choo Language Centre for the past 5 months. I was bursting with thrill when I heard my results. It is an improvement of 11 marks! My mother also praised me on my progess. Initially, I dragged my feet to lessons, thinking it was a waste of time going for lessons at Joanne Choo Language Centre, but now I see it is a good use of time. I look forward to going for lessons, hoping to achieve even better.

Tham May Sin Pei Tong Pri  Sch P3 Integrity 5 

When I first joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in term 2, I got my English grade at level 2. Now in term 4, my grade has jumped to level 4. Level 1 is the worst grade in my class. My mother is glad that I have improved and able to come up with good words to use in my compositions.

Axel Tan Juan Yik Nanyang Primary School Primary 3G 

I improved from 73 to 92 because of my oral, paper 2 and composition. . Ever since I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre this year, my composition for SA2 has leapt from 9 to 16.My brother, Aidan, has improved a lot too.Thank you, Mrs Choo.

Chun Zhen, Pei Tong Primary School, I3

I hate writing composition when I was seven. I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre as my marks were bad. When I came here, I was very shy. Soon, my marks improved but my father was still not pleased but when my English teacher, Mrs Siti, printed the 5 students’ compositions. My composition was one of them. I was very surprised! I showed my printed composition copy to my mother. She was bursting with joy, so was my father. Mrs Joanne Choo’s compositions were very interesting to me. I like to read hers.

Daniel Joshea, Pei Tong Primary School, Integrity 3

After joining Joanne Choo Language Centre, I am able to write better. My teacher, Mdm Tay, had photostatted one of my compositions and gave it to everyone in the class. She even praised me for writing well.

Sean Chew Xiangwu, Pei Tong Primary School, 3B 

Since Primary 1, my composition and journal have been bad. I struggled when I wrote my composition and journal and only earned average marks in school. My mother’s colleague recommended Joanne Choo Language Centre to us. After coming to this centre in Primary 2, I have learnt many new phrases. Though Mrs Choo has pushed me to my limits, I do not dread writing. Instead, I am beginning to like composition and now I write fluently. I have even improved in my comprehension. I have learnt to answer comprehension questions like Mrs Choo straight to the point. Before, I used to just scrape through with passing marks but now I can get almost full marks.

Tan Teck Jin Bukit Timah Primary School 3 Integrity 

My cousins, Marcus Seet and Jasper Seet, recommend me to this tuition and they are still in Joanne Choo Language Centre too. Marcus has been here since primary and now secondary 4 next year. Jasper has been years since primary one. Next year, he will be in primary 6. Before coming here, my paper was poorly done. After coming here, my marks have improved a lot. I hope my marks will improve. Now, my mother also sends my brother and sister, both in secondary schools here too after seeing improvement in all of us.

Wang Yuhan Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School P3 Responsibility 9 

I have been here since the beginning of the year. I used to get very low marks for English compositions. After the training by Mrs Joanne Choo for almost the whole year, my teacher, Madam Jenny See has remarked that I have improved a lot. My thoughts and flow of language come so easily now.

Lee Eu Kuang Geylang Methodist P 3 Joy 

I just came here in September 2011. Before coming, my composition marks for SA1 was 11. As for SA2 it is 16. I live in Aljunied.

Chan Xun Ying Pei Tong Primary School P3D Responsibility 

Before coming for class, I can hardly write a composition. I was short of ideas and words. After two months of lessons, I can feel the difference. After SA2, my teacher, Mr Hisham, told me that I have improved my compositions.

Tashya Putri Bangun Pei Tong Primary School 3G Responsibility 

Before coming to Joanne Choo I have already scored good marks. Since I want to improve to a higher standard, I come to Joanne Choo as many of my classmates have improved further here.

Lim En Cheng, Yuhua Primary School, P3E 

I used to hate composition and comprehension. However, when I started to attend Mrs Choo’s lessons, I started enjoying the lessons. Sometimes, the children’s and Mrs Choo’s mimes are so funny. We roar with laughter. Now, I like composition and comprehension. I can understand the comprehension better after learning the difficult words and phrases here.

Sun Ya Qi Alvin, Clementi Primary School, P3/8 

My mother’s friends have introduced me here. I was very poor in English when I was in P2. When I came to Mrs Choo’s class, I learnt a lot of phrases. Mrs Choo always tell us jokes. She teaches with inspiration. Now, I like English very much as it is very interesting.

Paing Thant Kyaw, CTP, P3/8 

I am a Burmese. I was recommended by my friend, Ma Hnin Oo Wai. My composition was poor before entering this centre. My parents are very happy to see my improvements. I have also learnt more beautiful phrases and words here too! I like Mrs Choo as her compositions are funny and interesting. My comprehension is also getting better.

Guo Anxiang, Nan Hua Primary School, 3A 

I came here in Pr One. I scored 10/20 or even lower. However, after attending Mrs Choo’s class until now I have better and steady scores of about 19/20. My teacher reads my compositions to the class.

Corea Chua Ying Suang, Pei Hwa Primary School, P3R8 

I have been here for nine months. My sister, Carlen Chua Kea Hun, has been here since P3. She has gone to Nanyang Secondary School. She scored A* for her composition in P6. I like Mrs Choo’s teaching skills.

Gavin Chan Kin Weng, CTP, P3/5 

After attending the centre, I find my memory is getting better every week. I try to remember all the phrases!

Muhammad Sami Genc, Nan Hua Primary School, P3B 

I used to hate writing, until I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre in Primary two. Now, I feel that writing composition is very fun and interesting. I have learnt a lot of new phrases in the centre. In school, I almost got full marks for composition!

Wu Jiayang, Nan Hua Primary School, 3E 

I have been here since P3. Last time, I did not know many good words or phrases to make my compositions more interesting and creative. Now, I can write better compositions. Mrs Choo also teaches me comprehension and helps me improve my phrases too.

Phoebe Ngang, Jiemin Primary School, P3 Grace 

I come all the way from Yishun for lessons here. My mother’s friend recommended her this centre. I am happy that my composition has improved a lot though I have just been here for 2 months. My comprehension has also improved so much that my parents are very pleased. It is worth coming all the way here.

Jason Lee Jie Sheng, Lakeside Primary School, 3G 

My compositions were poor at first. But once I started attending tuition here, I can feel the improvements.

Tang Jia Yue, RGPS, P3E 

.I used to score very badly for my compositions. However, when my mother gave me some compositions to write now during the holidays, she told me I have improved. She is pleased with my speedy progress.

Ryan Tan, Henry Park Primary School, 3C2 

When I came in P2, I used to barely pass but now I have excelled. My teacher reads out my compositions. My brother, Brendan had also been here.

Melvis Ang Wei Bin, Nan Hua Primary School, P3B 

I used to get borderline pass for composition. After attending Mrs Choo’s classes for about a year, I improved. Now, my class teacher even reads out my compositions to the class. My cousin, Laressa Tan Yan Ying from P4A recommended me here. Her sister, Joyce Tan Yen Ling, was here in P2 now already in the Poly. Another cousin, Keith Tan De Xun P2J from Keming P Sch is also in the class. All of us enjoy writing essays.

Lei Yu Yolanda, NHPS, 3E 

My compositions were once short and dull. I had joined Joanne Choo Language Centre since P1. It is because of Mrs Choo’s help that my compositions have begun to improve. My sister, Lei Lu, also from Nan Hua Primary School, 6E, stopped attending tuition lessons at this centre because she was overconfident and believed she had learnt all that she could. But I encouraged her to come back. Sadly, she cannot appreciate the joy of learning from Mrs Choo. I, however, hope my compositions can improve further so my teachers will let me read my compositions in front of the whole class.

Joanne Tan Hui Li, Henry Park Primary School, 3I(4) 

I came in P2. Before I came, my compositions were very plain and were in simple English with a lot of mistakes. But after attending Mrs Choo’s classes, I have improved a lot in my composition and comprehension. Now, my teacher always reads my compositions to the class and I usually get high marks for comprehension too. My elder sister, Jacqueline, had also been here. Mrs Choo’s classes are always fun and interesting.

Edwin Lim, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Responsibility 3 

I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre since I was in P3. I have learnt arious phrases and vocabulary words here. I am always enthusiastic to put them into my compositions. My brother, Edward, is also here. My cousin, Ong Hui Lin, who goes to Shuqun Primary School, is also here and my older cousins, Benjamin Ong from West Spring Sec Sch is here for the secondary class. The other cousins, Ong Tse Yin from River Valley High, Ong Jia Hui, Shayne Pek and Ong Wee Chien, used to come here too.