Testimonials – Primary 1 & 2


Ng Jing Yun, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, P1 Integrity 2,  07/11/2015

I have been here in Joanne Choo Language Centre since the beginning of the year. Being a perfectionist in my writing, I write very neatly and slowly, so I used to face difficulty in catching up with the class in Joanne Choo Language Centre. There are so many slashes. When i do not know, I could not fill in. I did not give up as Mrs Joanne Choo is so encouraging. My parents and Joanne Choo?s effort have paid off. I got full marks for my English. Miss Wong praised me for my perfect score for composition in class.

Gabriella Ong, Pei Tong Primary School, P1 Care 1,  07/11/2015

My form teacher,  Mdm Yah praised me in front of my mother for doing well in English. It was difficult when I first started attending Joanne Choo Language Centre. I could not catch up in class at the beginning. I am more confident now as I am quite ahead in class in Joanne Choo Language Centre.

Ng Qiu Wei, Pei Tong Primary School, P2 Respect 3,  14/03/2015

I was a nervous student before I started attending Joanne Choo Language Centre. I found a new friend who has helped me along in class. I am now more confident in writing compositions. My teacher, Ms Low said I did very well for my test. I scored 29/30 for my English composition. The lessons in Joanne Choo Language Centre have helped me a lot. I even enjoy coming to class every week.

Thomas Ng, River Valley Primary School, P1 Confidence,  29/11/2014

My teacher, Ms Catherine, praised me in front of the class and read out the story that I had written. I come all the way from Chinatown to attend Mrs Joanne Choo?s class.  My mother and I enjoy reading Mrs Choo?s stories together. My mother said that she has never found such good stories in the bookshops.

Ariel Ling, Pei Hwa Primary School, P2 Respect 4 (2015), 28/11/2014

My form teacher, Miss Yasmin praised me in class that my sentences are well written with good grammar. Very often, my mom gives me compositions to write at home. She says that I have improved. I enjoy reading the story ideas from Mrs Joanne Choo.  My mom loves her stories. They are very interesting and funny. I have learnt a lot of moral values from her stories. My Brother Joseph ling has also been here since last year. We need a lot of help in getting used to the lessons in school as we just came back from Australia in 2012.

Angie Wu En Qi, Pei Hwa Primary School, 2r1, 31/5/2014

I have been in Joanne Choo Language Centre for 2 years and ever since attending Mrs Choo?s classes, I have been able to maintain my good grades for composition. My teacher, Ms Firdawati, was so impressed with my composition that she praised me in front of the whole class. My brother, Joshua Wu En Ze, who is Primary 5 now, has been here since Primary 1. Ever since he started attending lessons here, his English has improved and he has maintained excellent results for both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Harrold Wong, North Vista Primary School, 2/5, 31/5/2014

After attending Joanne Choo Language Centre, my composition writing has improved tremendously. I was even able to score full marks for my recent exam. I hope that all of you can come and join me in Joanne Choo Language Centre because not only do I enjoy Mrs Choo?s lessons, I have also seen great improvement in my results.

Xaven Lock 2L Hong Wen Primary School 23/10/13

I live in Whampoa Drive and I travel all the way to Clementi just to attend Mrs Choo?s lessons. Ever since I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre, my English has improved tremendously. My composition marks have improved. My teacher, Mdm Yasmine, used to read compositions done by another girl to the class. Right now, she reads my compositions to the class most of the time. She says my stories are very good.


Liu Zixiang    P2 Respect 6    Pei Tong Primary School    21-9-13

After joining Joanne Choo, my composition marks improved from 14/20 to 18/20, then to full marks. My teacher, Mrs Woon, praised me and gave me some China erasers as a reward. Also, when my father read the composition, he commented it was excellent.

Tymon Oh 2G Nan Hua Primary School   21/9/13

My cousin, Neo Tze Kay recommended me to Joanne Choo Language Centre. His cousin, Sabrina, had been here. She got A* and is now a GP teacher in ACS. I have other cousins here too. Some of my classmates are here with their cousins too. My composition score was 9/10. My mother was impressed. She said that I must keep up the good work. She told Mrs Joanne Choo this morning in class that she was so glad that I had learnt to use her style of writing. I am doing Paper 1 n 2 here. My younger sister is here with me too. There are always so many blanks. In the first few months, she could not fill in. Now, she is better. If it is just copying, we will not make so many mistakes. Neo Tze Kay also got A*.

Kyan Loh  P2 Respect 5  Pei Tong  Primary  School  21/9/13

My teacher has included my picture in the school website when I last saw it. Mdm Za said that I have improved in my writing and spelling. I can  join the main English lesson in school now and there is no need for me to go for LSP. LSP is a class for the weaker students. My mother is happy with my improvement in Joanne Choo Language Centre. I am in Paper 1 and Paper 2 classes. My sister, Paige Loh is in Paper 1 and Paper 2 classes too.  She is in Primary 3 now and she studies in St Margaret.

Angie Wu En Qi 1i1 Pei Hwa Primary School 21/9/13

I have scored full marks for my compositions.  I wish all of you would follow me to Joanne Choo Language Centre to learn and improve your composition. My brother, Joshua Wu En Ze, has been here since Pr 1. His English is also very good as he is doing  Paper 1 and 2.

Tan Tze En Micaela  P2C FairField Methothist Primary School 21/9/13

After coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, my composition writing has improved. My composition mark is 15/20. When my parents saw my marks, my mother praised me for doing my best. My father praised me too and he bought an iPhone for me as a reward .

Chantal Yeo   P2/F  Nanyang Primary School     21/9/13

After coming to Joanne Choo Language Centre, my composition marks have improved from 6/15 to 10/ 15. I have been here for about 2 months. My mother is pleased that I can improve so fast.

Xaven Lock, Hong Wen Primary School, P2L  01/06/13
During teachers and parents meeting session on 31/05/2013, my teacher, Mdm Yasmine, told my Mum that my English is one of the best in the class. She also commented that my compositions are very good.

Paige Loh  St Margaret?s, P2G  19/05/12
When I was in Primary 1, I failed my English. I joined Mrs Joanne Choo Language Centre in February 2012. I got the high marks of 18/20 for composition. My brother, Kyan Loh, and my cousins come all the way from Orchard Road for the lessons.

Jerome Goh Rih Yu Nan Hua Primary School, P2G 14/02/11
My cousin, Sabrina, used to be here as a student. She recommended me here. Now, she is a GP teacher in ACJC Junior. She got A* for PSLE. I hope I can be that  good too.

Nathaniel Chew Kwong Wai 2.2 ACS Junior 13.11.11
I came all the way from Sembawang. Before coming here, I could only write two paragraphs. After several lessons, I am able to complete four paragraphs at one go. I came only in October and I have improved. My mother is surprised about my marks. She praises me for improving so fast. My mother?s friend ?s children, Dylan Chan and Jolene Chan Yi Hui from St Magarette Secondary School had been here since primary school until Secondary 4. Her youngest son,Darren Chan, Pr 4 from Kranji Primary School is still here.

Natalyn Pong Fang Qi Pei Hwa Presbyterian Pri Sch P1-6 Integrity 18.11.11
My mother ?s friend recommended me here on 9th July 2011. My sister, Candelyn Pong,who is in Sec 1,is also here. Before joining the lessons, I got 10/20 for composition for my SA 1.Now, in SA1, I get 19/20 which is the highest score in class.

Hans Zheng, Nan Hua Primary School, 2C 02/07/11
My composition was not so good at first until I started to attend Mrs Choo?s lessons. Laughter and noise always fill the air in her classes. My composition is better now. If your composition is not good, I would highly recommend you to go to Mrs Choo?s lessons. You will not regret it!

Eunice Hng Mei-Xian, MGS, P2 02/07/11
I have been at this centre since I was in P1. I think Mrs Choo?s lessons are interesting. After attending her lessons, I was able to get full marks for my English comprehension twice. I have been in her class for two years now. I am now in P2. I believe that I can do well for my oral in SA2 and CA2 under her guidance. I feel so good as she praises me for having good memory. My elder sister, Hng Emmanuel, and elder brother,Eugene Hng, are also here.

Lim Qi Lun, Jurong Primary School, P2F 25.06.11
I used to hate composition and comprehension. However, when I started to attend Mrs Choo?s lessons, I began to enjoy her lessons. Sometimes, the drama and mimes are so funny. Laughter and noise fill the air. Now, I like composition and comprehension. I can understand the comprehension better after learning the difficult words and phrases here.

Joshua Wu En Ze, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, P2 Respect 12 25/06/11
Before coming here for lessons, I used to dislike composition and comprehension. When my mother took me to Mrs Choo?s  lessons, I find that her classes are different. No boring worksheets! There are drama and mime. We are bursting with laughter.  Mrs Choo praises my memory for learning. Now, I like composition and comprehension as  I can understand better after learning difficult words and phrases here.

Clare Kaan, Pei Tong Primary School, P2B 25.06.11
I came here in January. I used to hate composition writing and failed all my compositions. I just didn?t know how to write. But after coming to this class, I am getting good marks for my compositions and enjoy writing now.

Amos Lee Tian Li, Pei Tong Primary School, P2F 25.06.11
Before I came here last year, in 2010, I used to fail my compositions. However, I have scored higher marks now. I can score 9 out of 10. My parents are pleased with my scores now.My aunt recommends me here.

Eng Jie Xuan, Boon Lay Garden Primary School, P1 02/07/11
At the beginning, I hate English but after attending Mrs Choo?s class, I began to love it! My elder brother, Eng Zhi Heng, is also here.

Eng Zhi Heng, Boon Lay Garden 02/07/11
My auntie asked me to attend lessons at Joanne Choo Language Centre as my English was very poor. After attending lessons, I became better at writing what I want to say. My younger sister, Eng Jie Xuan, Pr 1 is also here.

Lim Yong Jun, Bukit Timah Primary School, P2 Compassion 25/06/11
At the beginning, before coming to the centre, my English was poor.  I did not even know how to do paragraphing  and  write what I want to say, so my mother enrolled me in Mrs Choo?s  class where my brother, Lim Yong  Kap, now  P5, has been attending here  since Pr One.  He can write very well. Now I am pleased as I can do my paragraphing and write good English. I would recommend you to come.

Jolie Quek, Nan Hua Primary School, P2 09/07/11
It was my cousin who first introduced me to Joanne Choo Language Centre. I enjoyed the lessons very much as the teacher is very enthusiastic in teaching us. I will definitely introduce Mrs Joanne Choo to all my friends and classmates. Lastly and most importantly, I hope I can improve my English as I just came about a few months ago.

Feng Muzhi, NYPS, 2C 09/07/11
I have a big brother who got A* for PSLE. He was taught by Mrs Choo and is in Raffles JC now. He is 18-years-old next year.