Parents’ testimonials

Jane Lee

My son, Lionel Lee, had been with Mrs Joanne Choo from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. He managed to get A2 for his English at ‘O’ level despite his busy schedule as he was our national swimmer.  His strong foundation for English has led him to graduate with a double degree in mass communication and law. My daughter, Bernie Lee, our once busy national swimmer too, had also been under the guidance of Mrs Joanne Choo. She is completing her final year as a medical student now. I am very thankful that I have made the right choice and the worthwhile wise investment in English courses for both my offspring under Mrs Joanne Choo. I vehemently believe mastery of English is the key to success in learning most of the other subjects.


I shuddered at my daughter’s weakness in English when she was in P3. I was sort of lost and tried googling in the internet and chanced upon Joanne Choo Centre. I’m so glad that I came to try out this center. My daughter’s composition skills have improved greatly over time with Mrs Choo’s teaching methods. Every weekend, I religiously take my girl to Clementi from Boon Keng Road. I’m so relieved to have found someone who is so dedicated to help weak students to improve. Apart from Paper 1 composition, my girl is also here for Paper 2. My girl has steps leading to answering comprehension and grammar answers. I wished I have chanced upon Mrs Choo’s center earlier. Though my daughter is in P5 now, she still looks forward to attending Mrs Choo’s class.  The fact that my girl knows that both Paper 1 and Paper 2 lessons under Mrs Choo’s guidance are beneficial to her set my heart at peace. She is highly motivated by Mrs Joanne Choo.

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