Ex-students’ testimonials

Ong Teng Jun, Ex-student, 1/6/14

I took my GCE ‘O’ Level last year. Fortunately, the first question that came out during the exam was almost similar to the one that Mrs Choo had just taught in class the day before. I managed to get A1 for my ‘O’ Level and it was an absolute surprise.

Yeo Zhen Ning NTU Undergraduate 12/07/13

I used to score Cs for English when I was in lower Secondary. I needed to improve my English language so I joined Joanne Choo Language Centre. Mrs Choo’s lessons are interesting and interactive allowing students to gain an interest in writing. Through her lessons, I was exposed to a broad range of vocabulary and expanded my creative boundaries. For my O levels examination, I managed to score an A2 for English. Thank you Mrs Choo.

Tan Teck Yen, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 31/05/14 

I was in Joanne Choo Language Centre for 1 year. I got a F9 for English Language before joining. I rejoiced when I got a B3 for GCE ‘O’ level . My cousins also did very well at the tuition centre. One of them had been there from primary to secondary school. My siblings are here at Joanne Choo Language Centre too. I believe my grade could have been much better if I had enrolled for Paper 2 too and joined much earlier rather than coming here only in Sec. 4. However, what I have learnt has given me a lot of confidence in my higher institute of learning.

Zou You Ex-Hwa Chong Junior College student Class 10S7J 2012

I first joined Mrs Choo’s class when I was in primary 6. At that time, my English standard could only surpass the passing criteria as my foundation in English was not strong. Similar to most primary school students, I remembered that I dragged  myself to  my first composition tuition in Joanne Choo Language Centre. However, as I sat through the lesson, I found myself enjoying the lesson as Mrs Choo conducted the lesson with gusto. I could still remember clearly that my first composition was about the tsunami that happened in 2004. After the first lesson, I was completely enthralled by Mrs Choo’s vivid description of how the tsunami engulfed the Indonesian islands. Her bountiful usage of vocabularies ignited my passion towards English language. Within one year, I improved from a C grade to an A grade which I attained in my PSLE. I continued my composition lessons with Mrs Choo as I pursue my secondary education. My teachers in school always complimented my essay because it was interesting and was written in proper language. Mrs Choo’s  essays are not something that could be found in those composition books that were sold in the bookstores. They were always filled with unexpectations that were able to grasp the attention of the examiners. Besides attending her composition classes, I also went to the comprehension classes to improve my English grade. We were given O level standard comprehensions despite the fact that I was only in Secondary 2 that time. As I was exposed to comprehensions of such difficulty earlier than my peers, I was more aware of what the examiners were looking for in the answer. She guided us through the papers and her answers were always precise and straight to the point. I believe paraphrasing is a key problem to most students in answering questions but under Mrs Choo’s guidance it seemed not as intimidating any more. Thanks to Mrs Choo’s teaching, I obtained A1 in my GCE O Level’s Examination and was admitted to the junior college of my choice. Once again, thank you Mrs Choo!