Joanne Choo Language Centre

since 2005

Blk 345, Clementi Ave 5, #01-88 Singapore 120345

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Embarking on my teaching career, I joined Institute of Education in 1978. Ministry of Education sent me out to teach at my first school in 1979. I taught in 2 schools for 20 years. I left Ministry of Education in 1998. Venturing into business, I started Joanne Choo tutorial services. I acceded to the parents’ preference for me to teach compositions. The name was thus changed to Joanne Choo Language Centre Pte Ltd in 2005. Due to the overwhelming students’ responses to my English lessons through word of mouth, I had to use two squash courts as my Language Centre at West Coast Walk but the English composition classes are being conducted at Clementi for more than 8 years now. Most writers have the liberty to vary their style of writing but I control mine deliberately so that students who are weak in English compositions can improve fast by just reading, writing and filling in the blanks to pick up my style of writing easily at the initial stage. That is how they improve by leaps and bounds when they are exposed to controlled language. Of course, budding writers will develop their own fluent style eventually under my almost 40 long years of teaching experience.

Mary Shad’s testimonial on Joanne Choo Language Centre

Joanne Choo Language Centre provides  English composition lessons in the west. If you have not found  the best composition lessons yet. You can give our centre in Clementi a try. My child has learnt to write English Composition by the experienced English teacher, Mrs Joanne Choo with 40 years experience.    He used to be so in  weak at writing English Compositions. He has benefited and  improved in expressing himself in his English composition. So do let your children come and learn  how to improve English Composition. Mrs Joanne Choo’s English compositions classes  fees are not only reasonable but cheap and effective. The vocabulary and phrases in her composition lessons help my child to score better  in English composition. Yours too will surely improve  in writing their compositions. When their essays turn out to be the best essay in class,the school teacher will heap praises on them like they did on my child. From the pupils’ and parents’ other testimonials, you will realise that Mrs Joanne Choo is a very effective English composition teacher.